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Mike Orakpo’s Innovation With A Difference: An App That Connects Athletes With Private Coaches

Mike Orakpo, previously an athlete with a career-ending injury at a young age is now a successful entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of  Athlete Connect and Owner of Orakpo Performance.

Mike’s journey is inspiring, and it is a lesson of self-determination, and the zeal to become your own boss.

Mike started as an athlete with initial successes in Texas as an All-Conference Division 1 player. He faced a career-ending injury with ACL, MCL, and Meniscus to the knee. This did not stop him from moving towards his long-lasting dream, ‘entrepreneurship.’

He has always been into Entrepreneurship. He is from Nigerian origin and his family is Business oriented. His mother & father successfully owned and ran one of the first African Food stores in Houston, Tx for 20 years. So watching them always be their own Boss was something that inspired him. He knew that he wanted to one day build my own Business.

What inspired him into Tech is the under-representation of Black people. He has always loved everything there is to know about Tech, but it amazes him to see that under 5% in ownership is by blacks. This is what inspired him to really get involved and to figure out how he can go against the stereotypes and really open that door for other Innovators who look just like him.

His first date with destiny began with InnerGrind. It delivered some crazy profits but the inclination towards something more concrete and technology-oriented brought him closer towards another initiative, Orakpo Performance.

Orakpo Performance is a state of art training center for enthusiastic football players. He later developed a mobile application that connects athletes with coaches.

This app is doing wonders in the app stores across different platforms. The app is designed for athletes to connect with a coach that can help them develop their football skills. Athlete Connect is a mobile app, athletes can use to connect with local football coaches.

When athletes use Athlete Connect, they will have access to local trainers who can provide one-on-one football coaching to help them hone in on their skills. This makes personal coaching accessible to athletes of any tier. Through the app, athletes can find coaches who will design training programs specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Coaches can also benefit from using the app. A coach who has a high retention rate will be rewarded for their quality work. This will increase the quality of coaches athletes can choose from to develop football skills that will give them the competitive edge they need to perform well on the field.

Additionally, this app needs coaches to undergo a stringent background check. This benefits parents who are looking for coaches for their young athletes can have peace of mind as they can leave their child’s athletic development to a coach people can trust.

Athlete Connect can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For detailed information and pricing, visit


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