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Men’s Mental Health – Confidence through Style

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We’ve all heard the term, “you feel as good as you look”. When moods are down, self-esteem is low, feelings of unworthiness become overwhelming, depression gradually follows suit. Christopher Senekki says that, The reoccurrence of negative mental affirmations eventually lead to a belief that confidence can never be attained, almost cognate to being at the bottom of a barrel, with no real desire or motivation to resurface.

Few of the root causes of mental health issues in men, are directly linked to anxiety, low self-esteem, social isolation and relationships (lack-of in some instances). In some men, all of these disorders are present at the same time, an unfortunate gradual conclusion if action is not taken to remedy the mindset and tackle the fears festering within. That’s right, fear. Internal forces of the mind are consistently affirming fear to face the challenges of coming out of the comfort zone, or out of the barrel, so to speak. These forces generate feelings of being “smaller” in the world of the “Alpha” male, as depicted within today’s social scene.

But these negative internal affirmations can be challenged by other, more powerful, feelings, which, can be generated from the way we look.

To break down those negative thoughts, those uninspiring affirmations, you need a disruption! In the animal kingdom, disruptive gestures are used in training techniques to improve animal behavior or to eliminate bad behaviors. Our brains are no different. The mind requires a disruption to alter itself and embark on a positive trail toward power confidence. What better way to do this by upgrading the way we look and hence the way we feel about ourselves? By making that effort to look your best, you’ll automatically create positive affirmations of self-esteem. You’ll generate attention from others and as a result this will, boost your confidence, significantly better your performance at work, make you more attractive to women and at what cost?
Developing confidence is such an important step forward in life. It will equip you with the strength and courage to face those elements in your life you want to improve. Confidence will also yield a dynamic pallete of self-awareness, where you’ll be more inclined to better yourself daily and strive for that next challenge.

Fashion and Style are a very powerful outlet in which you can plug into to override those negative mental affirmations. Developing a sense of style and focusing on how you look, can permanently disrupt depression, anxiety and boost confidence.

Think about what you can do today, to improve your style. Study the latest trends, follow men’s fashion influencers on Instagram and learn about color matching, timeless garments, styles etc. The cost is but a fraction of your time, which will, in turn, develop a new positive mindset with minimal effort in no time at all.

I highly encourage you to embark upon this journey of discovering yourself through your style, through your appearance & expression. Disrupt that negative mindset and build a new you!

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