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Meet young Model from Delhi – Pihu Tyagi


Modelling is one of the fastest-growing segments in the adult industry. Many youngsters dream of it although only a few put efforts to make it true. It’s not that people aren’t interested, but there’s the fear they won’t be able to get what they dream of because there aren’t opportunities out there — and if there are then it is not a piece of cake. Sometimes just listening to others advice or story of their side shattered their dreams even before the start of the journey.
But after reading the thoughts of such a young model will change your mindset. Let us share some of her views with you that will inspire you to follow your dreams.

Pihu Tyagi, another common girl from Delhi but strongly determine towards her dream of modelling.
She tells, “I was 13 years old when I started my career as a model. I wanted to be a model since I was a child; still do regularly attend events to promote my modelling career. When I look back at my past my biggest motivation was just being able to continue doing what I love, no matter how tough the path may have been. I am driven by what I want more than anything else in this world and anything that stands in my way is something I will fight tooth and nail until the end.”
I wanted to be a model because I see that it is not just about what you look like but how you feel on your inside. Focus on how beautiful you are inside and what a blessing it is that you are about to receive. It is only through focusing on this that you can truly become powerful, and you will see how your dreams became your reality like mine in progress.”

She adds, “It might seem weird at first glance but my parents are pretty forward-thinking when it comes to my choice of career. They don’t give a deprecation about the modelling industry and will openly discuss their disapproval if it were made known that they disapproved of it, but in private they support me 100% because they know it’s the only way I will learn how to be strong. They have been and will always be the biggest strengthening support system in my life.”
“I want a lot of things in life but the most important thing is to fulfil my dreams and be successful for my parents now who has been there for me and had done a lot more than they can do for me.”

So stop thinking and just act. This young girl proves that you have to stop comparing yourself to other people and start dreaming of your dreams.

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