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Meet the Scalp Micro Pigmentation Industry Pioneer Who Was Able to Become a Self Made Millionaire

Dealing with the loss of a close loved one can be quite a hard and depressing task, while not many of us can be able to live with it, there is one who managed to deal with the sad situation in an incredible way. Jonathan Gerow, while in his twenties, found inspiration from a loss and using that, he built a successful multimillion-dollar business in the field of Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

Getting to Know Jonathan Gerow

A New York native from Rochester, Jonathan Gerow is the owner of Gerow Hair Ink and is the most successful in his field and runs the single busiest clinic in the world. In his early days, he pursued music and became a self-taught guitar player. At this point, he was an accomplished art student in school trying to follow his parents’ footsteps. Gerow’s love for creative arts led him to be a tattoo artist in his early twenties. While all this was happening is when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and the events that followed led to him taking up Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

After his mother passed away he traveled to Europe to learn about Scalp Micro Pigmentation and got training by the innovators of tattoo scalp treatments. Gerow returned to the U.S after his studies in Europe and worked for HIS Hair Clinics for over 5 years. Here he gained a lot of work experience in the industry until he decided to put up his own business, Gerow Hair Ink. He opened the first American Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinics in Florida, Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

His Inspiration

Jonathan Gerow got to know about Scalp Micro Pigmentation during the painful moments of watching his mother try to battle out cancer with chemotherapy. During his visits to the hospital, he saw his mother and other cancer patients lose all their hair. It was from this moment that Jonathan drew the inspiration to pursue a career in Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

He saw that by losing their hair, they also lost sight of who they truly were. After losing his mother, he got the urge to help others and this only fueled his ambitions. His search for more knowledge about hair restoration led him to Europe where he was trained by the best individuals in the field at the time and even here he found more inspiration to improve on skill and technique. He noticed that the treatments done by even the most skilled professionals of the time looked artificial since it was more of shading. This made him want to come up with a way to make the treatment as realistic to the eye as it could be. Despite the good pay that comes with his job, Jonathan Gerow is motivated by his mother’s struggle with cancer and not by financial gain.

Gerow Hair Ink

After returning to the U.S and working for HIS Hair Clinics for 5years, Jonathan Gerow decided to establish his own business. Together with one of New York City’s well-known barbers, Eric Roberto, he started the Gerow Hair Ink Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment clinic and runs it together with a team of professionals and expert technicians. His knowledge of techniques and procedures makes him one of the best in his field. With his team on his side, they ensure clients get a comfortable and satisfying experience during and after treatment.

At Gerow Hair Ink clinic they do treatment for patients with pattern baldness, alopecia and even chemotherapy patients experiencing hair loss helping patients regain confidence. Jonathan Gerow has done the treatment on some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment industry. When he is not treating patients in his clinic he is traveling overseas hosting Master classes with the aim of spreading his knowledge of the Art and Science of Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

In summation, Jonathan Gerow has managed to transform the lives of many using a method previously not thought to be a serious art form and with a realistic natural blend. He has helped many patients get results beyond what they thought was possible. All this developing from a very sad situation that many of us have had to go through or watched someone go through helplessly.


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