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Meet The Most Handsome Man Rajesh Bethireddy,one of the promising talented fashion model and influencer of the country

Rajesh Bethireddy has unique thinking and different way of treating the foremost common things from childhood.He always believes Passion drives you anywhere with ease instead of getting into to regular mechanical life like everybody.Due to his dashing looks and darling appeal makes everybody love him always and therefore the way he carries himself is that the top notch

And what’s the foremost common misconception people have about fashion influencers Well most of the time people think it’s quite easy job just to decorate shoot and advice, but it’s just opposite, many diligence goes behind and you’ve got to possess in-depth knowledge and moreover it’s far more hardwork than a daily 8 to eight job.

Rajesh Bethireddy himself a sensation within the telugu states,He started instagram account under his name rajeshbethireddy and within very short time he got 14k followers, well its beacuase the content he provides for up to date fashion and therefore the way he design himself for ongoing trends time to time.

Hyderabad based Rajesh Bethireddy may be a programmer by profession but he’s also a successful model and fashion influencer. So far, Rajesh Reddy has worked with some brands and willing to act in TVCs for men’s lifestyle and fitness brands.Rajesh Bethireddy is flooded with numerous brand collabs in his instagram handle like Kalon Natural,Wildstone,Menslab etc

Being on job during a IT field at a demanding position Rajesh confirm that his passion and responsibility of being a successful fashion influencer isn’t left behind. He takes care of every and each small detail before putting content on social media, where he has almost 14,000 followers. He makes sure that he never misses out on consistency and quality of his content.Rajesh Bethireddy has got to work quite 12 hours everyday but he has no qualms about it, He says” Any amount of diligence is okay if it takes you closer to your goal.”

It is very evident that demand for fashion trends and influencer marketing is growing rapidly and Rajesh Bethireddy is giving tough job to the people in his industry by creating unique content and astonishing photoshoots.We all know the very fact that he’s one among the foremost handsome men within the country and he’s inspiring thousands of individuals from his social media like instagram etc

He firmly believes that style may be a powerful thanks to say who you’re without having to talk one word. it’s human tendency that folks judge you initially time for your styling sense. But it’s extremely difficult to be a men fashion influencer because men are less experimenting as far because it is said to fashion. Rajesh Bethireddy says “ Men are very less experimenting when it’s concerned to styling up. So it’s difficult to consult them.” the opposite challenges is creating an enticing content everyday for men. The market is additionally extremely competitive. But with more and more fashion Influencers getting popular trend is shifting now.

In his statement “Style is that the unique thanks to tell who you’re , so define style in your own way everytime”

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