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Meet the Entrepreneur – Ibrahim Ibrahim founder of iBoostReach

Ibrahim Ibrahim is a Jordanian youngster and the founder of iBoostReach, a media agency that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to boost their social media impressions in just a short period of time. Although he chooses to remain anonymous, Ibrahim is a successful social media strategist whose follower base exceeds 120 million individuals in the luxury and music niches. Through his influencer marketing agency, Ibrahim has helped businesses and artists take full benefits of the influencer phenomenon.

Ibrahim’s story is an interesting one. He started his own social media business at the age of 14 years whereby his expertise in the field was self-taught through navigating the many readily available virtual resources and tech forums. Within just a few months from starting his business, he had fulfilled orders for more than 15 celebrity clients worldwide. His main focus then, was business owners whereas now it is international musicians who are interested in maximizing their social media presence.

Founded in 2014, iBoostReach is an influencer marketing agency run by a team of social media entrepreneurs, under the leadership of Ibrahim. He introduced the platform as an influencer marketing agency which focused on helping entrepreneurs and musicians create a viral appeal. Following the success of the platform, Ibrahim has continued to launch new inventions and products in the digital space. A visit to his website, welcomes you with a “Hi, I am Ibrahim.” He continues to state that he is a digital marketer, and an advertising consultant. He describes himself as a growth hacker, viral consultant, visibility coach, and a talent development enthusiast.

But, what does Ibrahim Ibrahim really do?

  • Brand Strategizing: Ibrahim helps business owners in creating long-term plans for their business developments. The aim is to ensure that the business plans meet the desired goals of growth.
  • Web Design and Development: Through iBoostReach, Ibrahim provides exceptional web design and development services. He works closely with business owners to ensure they realize their digital marketing goals by designing effective systems. This service is based on the three most important factors of a website or an application interface: functionality, usability, and visualization.
  • Social Media Marketing: Given that Ibrahim is a certified Google Partner; clearly understanding the composition of social media marketing, he works with business owners to develop a social experience that can deliver value to the target audience. In this case, value means repeated customer visits and referrals through social media channels. His social media development solutions are based on years of experience and research, ensuring that clients achieve their online presence aspirations.

Following growth in his support base and number of followers, Ibrahim has built strong relations with several celebrity clients. Among them include Eric Damier, Tai Lopez, Jason Stone, and Lil Pump. Beyond the aforementioned, his other clients alike are interested in brand strategizing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. The whole point is to help people establish a robust social media presence through a deep understanding of the commercial appeal and an insight into the artistic viability of individuals.

Angelo Raguso, alias FAW9 : For almost ten years, he has dealt with electronic music, first as a Music Producer, releasing his music on top Labels in the sector, such as Spinnin 'Records, Elrow, Trax Records, Freakin909, Hotfingers and many others, to name a few, and then as a Label Owner for various record labels that launched and then sold or entrusted in permanent management to various collaborators. Today he is a Social Media Strategist, has worked and offered his services to top names in the American and European entrepreneurship sector, and writes as a freelancer, for sites like Disrupt etc

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