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Meet Shikhar Saxena A.k.a Sameer Saxena – Ceo/Founder of Artistomedia Entertainment – INDIA.

At the age of 24, most of us would think about our college, friends, parties or just chilling. Could you imagine having a more futuristic approach to life than that? Shikhar Saxena is a young and dynamic entrepreneur who has taken the Celebrity Management and Digital marketing industry by a storm. Shikhar Saxena is also popularly known as Sameer Saxena. As the trend of celebrity management, digital and online marketing has been growing in India, one may wonder what the future holds for this industry. Sameer Saxena seems to have caught hold of the trend at an early age and today he is one of India’s youngest Celebrity Manager and Digital Marketers.

Starting off at an early age always has an advantage and Sameer Saxena has been smart enough to start his professional journey at the age of 24. Following that, he was taking up projects as a freelancer and built his name in the industry. Soon he became one of the well-known names in the industry. He took a leap of faith and started his own celebrity management and digital marketing agency: ArtistoMediaEntertainment. Today, his company is one of the fastest-growing celebrity management and digital marketing agencies. ArtistoMediaEntertainment’s success is a testament to his hard work and unrelenting dedication.

His expertise lies in celebrity management, social media marketing and helping individuals turn into influencers and public figures. He knows how the industry works, what the clients wish for and he delivers it perfectly. Their website has a unique feature where you can book any celebrity, stand up comedian and social media influencers for events or brand promotions to boost your brand or company’s growth and also answer any doubts regarding social media marketing in general, thus imparting the knowledge to others and helping them in the process. With great vision and mind, Sameer Saxena is striving towards achieving greater success every day.

As a result of Sameer’s constant efforts and hard work his company ArtistoMediaEntertainment has become a well known brand among many big name in the industry. His company is doing quite well and is likely to grow further in the coming future.

This young entrepreneur wishes to inspire many more who wish to start their own companies but lack confidence. He urges all the entrepreneurs and out of the box thinkers to take the leap of faith just like he did.

About In-Short Shikhar Saxena A.k.a Sameer Saxena :

There are few individuals who become businessmen & are born with business minds & are creative too. Shikhar a.k.a Sameer Saxena is an entrepreneur and musician from Lucknow, India born on 30th of August 1994

Sameer Saxena (Shikhar)

ArtistoMedia Entertainment’s main forte has-been Digital marketing and Celebrity Management they create brands out of individuals and local businesses within no time.

How would it feel to be famous as or as a start-up in today’s celebrity management or marketing world? Most-wouldn’t know how that would feel. We recently came across India’s one of the youngest Entrepreneur who is founder & Founder of ArtistoMedia Entertainment has managed to take the media and management by storm at such an early age.

Entrepreneur, media junkie and most importantly a creative enthusiast who is always hungry for more. Writing, editing and expressing in words is an art that comes naturally. Editor in chief : Okbronetwork.

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