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Meet Saloni Panda- the Passionate Home Cook and Food Blogger

Saloni Panda

Saloni Panda started her page at the age of 19 and has been making her name on Instagram with her wonderful food content. She has always been passionate about cooking and eating and that’s when she thought of starting her page on Instagram @saloni_panda. Over the 3 years of her blogging journey, she has collaborated with many big brands and has been featured in multiple publications.

Saloni lost her father in 2019 when she had just finished her graduation but she didn’t lose hope. This made her even stronger and became an inspiration to many. “I want to give the best life to my mother and my younger brother” she said. Her parents have been a great support for her. They have always encouraged her in doing what she loves. “I am glad that my parents have always supported my passion and guided me throughout” she added. It is great to have a dream and to work towards it, but if you have people to support you and stand by you, it takes you a step closer to achieving your dream.

When asked about her future goals, she said that she wants to host her own Food and Travel TV show someday. She wishes to cover different places in the country and experience the various delicacies all across the country in its purest form. She has been someone who has always loved to learn new things especially in the creative field. From being a versatile Odissi dancer and choreographer to a great content creator, she has done it all over the years and at just the age of 21, she has achieved a lot. She surely has a long way to go in this wonderful journey.

Saloni Panda developed an interest in food blogging 2 years ago and that is when she thought “Why not start my page?’’ She thinks digital is dominating the world. It’s a great platform to showcase your talent to your audience. She loved cooking and experimenting with recipes. Her page started with food and now she has decided to expand into lifestyle too.

Her passion for cooking made her start her page. She used to look at recipes online and also try out new dishes on her own and post it on her page. She initially didn’t concentrate on the photography part of it, but she later realized how important it is to make your feed look attractive. The more appealing your profile looks; the more people will follow you and that is something that helped her. When she changed her style of posting, she gained more audience and it certainly did help her. A year into starting her page, she also started getting invites from restaurants. She also got collaborations from many big brands. When she started this page, Saloni had zero ideas about how blogging works but over the years, she has learned it and it has helped her grow. She believes that it is very important is to be dedicated, consistent and create good content so that your audience is happy.

We wish her luck for her future!

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