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Meet Rose Puri Popular Skin Counsellor And Artist in the Industry

The millennials and youngsters of today’s generation are smart enough to decide what they want to become. With social media having its wings spread across everywhere, it has seen many people make a successful career as an skin counsellor & artist. One of them is Rose Puri who is one such young and talented mind in the industry.

A Skin Counsellor completes specialized training to provide skincare treatments for clients, typically at spas and physician offices. … They are knowledgeable about skin conditions that affect various areas of the body and face, like rosacea, sun damage, and wrinkles. In this industry there are many professionals who have just aced this challenge. Rose Puri is one of them.

Rose puri hails from Mumbai City  of dreams, she is a Mumbai based skin counsellor and artist. She was into fashion industry since 5 years after being personal stylist to Kapil Sharma Randeep Hooda and for films she always knew she wanted to do something in health and beauty sector. While styling she always had one thing in mind that along with fashion she want to talk and make people aware about health and beauty and make them understand the science behind skin care. She has keen and avid interest in beauty and skin. And since all know about her inclination towards it he left family and friends take advice related to skin care.

She likes to explore and know new trends in beauty and skin so she kee visiting skin specialists and doctors frequently. She says it’s very important to know science behind the skin treatments and skin products. Her aim is to spread awareness and knowledge and kill myths about different skin treatment in India. When she hear people saying it’s not correct to do skin treatments. She wants to make people  aware and break the myth.

She had work with some renowned doctors dr gurjot marwah dr Parag telang dr neha sachde dr Shital korde. She aims at opening her own clinic in Mumbai soon. Simultaneously she keeps her creative side alive . Soon she will appear in music video. It’s very hard to maintain profession in both sides but She likes to keep balance between both sides.

She is a visionary girl who loves to set the bars high for her competitors and her personal goals even higher so that she could always thrive in every aspect.

Let We Wish For Her Millions Dollars Future.

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