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Meet Nitish Kumar Mishra – Music Marketing Expert & Founder of PRSN Media

Nitish Kumar Mishra Entrepreneur

We present you with Nitish Kumar Mishra, a Music Marketing specialist hailing from New Delhi, India. Nitish has worked for more than 3 years in the Music Industry promoting 100+ artists from India & abroad. He is the founder of the company named ‘PRSN Media’ which is famous for its Music marketing strategies.

Nitish Kumar Mishra born on 11th August 1997 in New Delhi completed Bachelors’s in Computer Science Engineering from MDU, Rohtak. With his studies, he carried his work in Digital Marketing Field. He always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and he turned his Interest in Online Marketing turned into his business. Seeing a boom in digital marketing, he founded PRSN Media which provides digital marketing services to its clients. Nitish has performed quite well in the field of music marketing and is a known and respected name in the sector.

Nitish promotion strategies have helped many Artists & Businesses to grow their online presence. Nitish Kumar Mishra also expertise in Web Development, Google, and Facebook Ads. At present, Nitish has a team of 5 Music marketing with whom he has scaled his music marketing business to great heights. With his team, he has worked with 300+ influencers to boost their social profiles.

Digital Marketing Industry has experienced huge growth in today’s world many people are trying their luck in the Industry but being a tough field to get success very few are able to pursue it as a full-time career, Nitish Kumar Mishra is one of such digital marketer who has chosen this industry as his full-time business. He is also having his own E-commerce stores, Apps, and blogs with which he experiments various strategies and is able to apply for his clients making their ventures successful.

Nitish says ‘I started my digital marketing journey at the age of 19 in which I have faced many challenges which helped me a lot to learn the skills required to be a successful digital marketer. My advice to people new in this field is to try various strategies by running small campaigns and learn about trends in the industry. This should be done before approaching a client. Such campaigns would help you to be a successful Digital Marketer.’

Nitish’s hunger for success never ends and his vision to expand his business globally. Nitish’s dedication will surely achieve his future goals. He has earned great recognition in the music marketing industry which is visible on his Social Profiles.

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Sumit Kumar Mishra (known as skmfcb in the digital world) additionally the Digital Entrepreneur who is helping all his clients to grow their online presence, and is accomplishing tremendous heights at such a young age. He is a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur and is also an E-commerce Entrepreneur. Sumit started providing social media services from the age of 17 like Social Media management, Website development, SEO, YouTube Promotions, E-commerce, Celebrity Management, PR and many others. He commenced his Digital Marketing enterprise named PRSN Media in Mid-2020 and supplied all digital advertising services. His work and efforts were appreciated and at that point, he was also featured on various platforms. Sumit Kumar Mishra is also a prominent blogger and owns multiple blogs like True Gadgets, Trend Flavors, Trends Column, etc. He also owns an E-commerce platform and knows how to help others to grow.

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