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Meet Nevedyam Singh, A Passionate Digital Marketer From Rajasthan

Nevedyam Singh

Nevedyam was curious about the mysteries of the Internet right since he was a child growing up in Jhalawar, Rajasthan . He is already a famous name in social media industry, he has experience of working with topmost companies worldwide. It was at the young age, that Nevedyam got motivated enough to embark upon a career in digital marketing. Despite being a renowned digital marketer, who has established himself into a niche in the digital marketing sector, Nevedyam considers himself a seeker, not a master, of his trade. It is this humility, belying his age, that has brought him success and standing in his chosen field.


It was at the young age, that Nevedyam got motivated enough to embark upon a career in digital marketing. The fact that no one in his family, before him, had chosen such an unconventional career, is reflected in his adventurous spirit and his ability to take risks. He has a fascinating mind, which knows no fear, even when it means working in a highly challenging industry like social media marketing.


Explaining his process, Nevedyam says, “I just learn every day. I keep on wandering around websites and slowly, steadily start working towards something new and something unique to see the difference. At first, it was not easy at all. Handling a system with the power of the internet and working on a platform which I was not much aware of as a practical test taker, I wondered what if something goes wrong. But then, this feeling vanished and the one that entered next was, courage, a line which said, it’s okay, take that fall and when you get up, remember it all, learn from it and next time, fall harder but on next mistake. This went on and this is what I kept learning. Abrupt but it was a great feel and I suggest all, follow this charm of falling, learning, and leading. Success will come your way.”


Speaking about his modus operandi, Nevedyam says, “No opportunity is an opportunity for me unless I learn something out of it and my mind is a place for abundance. The more I learn, the more I want and this is how it keeps continuing.”


His family and friends consider Nevedyam to be the most dedicated person they know. It is this dedication that has helped this young man to create a steady stream of income out of the not-so-easy field of digital marketing. He has to stay abreast of upcoming trends, find fascinating ideas for his clients and deliver without wasting a minute of time.

This is what makes him tick and Nevedyam wants that aspiring social media marketers to keep on learning!

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