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Meet Manthan, The Viral Content Creator who kept us Entertained During Pandemic

Friday Nights - Manthan Kashyap

Viral content creator Manthan opens up about his overnight fame, viral content, and challenges as an influencer

During the lockdown period, when the whole earth was dealing with the covid 19, light-hearted and happy content turned out to be a saving grace. Whether it was entertainment on the famous OTT platforms or on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, content creators always made sure us, we get through the pandemic.

Digital creator Friday Nights rose to fame during this time. When people were low on creativity and fun and couldn’t pull themselves to be productive, your favourite Manthan kept churning videos after videos to keep us entertained.

Manthan is Young and Charming Personality, belongs to New Delhi, India. He comes in fame when one of his videos goes viral. Talking about this his initial period Manthan said that “Making Original Content is my hobby and I will keep it continue.”

Excerpts from the interview:

To sustain one channel is tough work. How are you managing it?

To be honest, it has been quite challenging. I have been trying to balance my academics and content creation which are two completely different tasks that require me to do! I haven’t been able to get more than 6 hours of sleep in the last few months trying to juggle between the two, but the incredible amount of love and support – the appreciation that my audience given me is more than enough fuel for me to keep going.

Do you feel you are stuck in it now? Would you have chosen differently if you had to select options at this period?

Absolutely not. As I always said, I love what I do and I’d do it irrespective of the social media number game. I never forced myself to create content, I do it because I personally love and enjoy it and I believe that alone translates into relatability with my own audience.

Do you write original content? Take us through the ideation process – from the first thought and towards publishing and marketing that video.

Yes, I create my own content always. I don’t really have a process. I just talk to my friends and family for inspiration because they’re all so animated and over-the-top always that it’s hard NOT to get content out of it. They are such clowns that I tend to find content whenever I talk with them. I just make a list of ideas in my notes App whenever I talk to them and just look back at it whenever I need to make a new video. I also make sure to shoot my videos when I’m in a good mood and I never force myself to create content if I’m just not feeling it on that day. I just like to have fun with it and not turn it into something that stresses out.

Who’s your favourite content creator?

I love watching Bhuvan bam, Ashish Chanchlani and Harsh Beniwal.

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