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Meet Koduri Kiran Kumar , Founder of India’s Largest Influencer’s Company – KISRA


No one knows where life is leading them. For some, life starts only after completing education when they decide some aim for their future or when they start working 9-5 and earn some penny. But for creative minds, life begins so early when they are in teenage as they have dreams to achieve as well as passion to fulfil what they want. Meet one such top-notch digital enthusiast who at a very young age, with consistent hard work achieved his dream of becoming a known personality & made a spectacular name in the Digital Marketing industry.

Kiran kumar, a young mind, supremely talented and a very hard working person who decided from the start that one day he will be going to Mark his spot in the Digital Marketing Industry. He started his journey with true dedication and enthusiasm and a focused mind. When he embarked on the journey to expand his skills, he was just 24.

Kiran is a creative-minded digital expert who helped a lot of businesses and Influencers to grow on a world-class level. With his extraordinary social media strategies, brands like Apollo, Brand factory and many more approached him for their social media growth and audience management. At a very young age, Kiran realised his dreams and potential and today he is one of the most successful Digital Experts of India . kiran is a competitive digital marketing man. He has expertise in serial enterprise and digital media marketing. With his greatest professionalism, kiran keeps on propelling profession of his clients across the globe with time tested digital media strategies

Kiran kumar is a Digital Expert as he is a Digital All-rounder due to his incredible skills in Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy. He is also a well-known Entrepreneur as he founded an extraordinary Digital Marketing company named KISRA- India’s largest influencer company in India.

kiran kumar’s Digital Marketing Company “ KISRA- India’s largest influencer company in india” has successfully worked on over 100s of projects. And with his dedication towards his passion, he has also built a super active network over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Kiran is a dynamic digital expert & his engagement with the audience is so intense that they go by kiran’s word . He has an awesome strategic approach which differs from business to business .

But this is not the end, according to him, there’s a lot to achieve and this is just the beginning.

🔸Founder of Indian Ladder & Ancient Media 🔹Google🔸PR specialist🔹 digital coach

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