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Meet Jess Glazer: The Coach Who Teaches Coaches How To Create 6-Figure Online Businesses

Powerhouse Coach Jess Glazer is one individual who is transforming the way business coaching is done in the world we live in today. In this article, Jess talks about the secret sauce to her success, how she conquered the coaching industry, and tips on running a successful coaching business during the pandemic.


Venturing into Business Coaching  

In light of this topic, Jess discloses that her journey started out as an accident. She spent eight years working as an elementary school teacher and spent over sixteen years working as a celebrity personal trainer. 

During her time as a teacher, she would train clients on weekend nights and this eventually led to her venturing into virtual training. In 2014, she started with the creation of an online coaching business. However, at the time, it was only a side hustle. 

Fast forward three years later in 2017, after the realization that she could be bigger than what she was, Jess left her teaching job and went all-in on her virtual business and successfully scaled it to multiple six-figure businesses. Every now and then, she gets questions from her trainer friends on how she did it.  

In November 2018 she began teaching and showing her peers the ropes on how she built her business. Gradually one friend turned into three and then seven. Before long, there were weekly meetings, and there, and then she decided it was time to start charging. By April 2019, she left her entire health/ fitness business behind and took the decision to fully focus solely on business coaching, frameworks building, and scaling.

Since the career lane change, she has served over two hundred clients and helped them create over two million in revenue for themselves. Jess has also scaled her business to a $1,000,000/ Yr machine.  


Drawing Inspiration 

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. On

Jess shares that certain aspects of her business and her greater mission give her the needed strength to continue. Largely the fact that she is able to help other people put food on their tables, sort out rent, their mortgages, and send their kids to college.  

Basically, Helping people realize that they have great gifts to share with the world, assisting with the extraction process of those gifts, helping them identify who they can help, breaking down the technicalities of how to market themselves in ways that will assist them in being paid their worth in exchange for their service.

The core ethics of her business are “giving back” and “education”. For each client she works with, she makes educational donations to a student for one year’s worth of education overseas through “Pencils of Promise”. 

Empowering her clients to give back as well as serve with their gifts is just a consequence of what she does. 


How Covid-19 Has Affected Coaching Methods

So far, there have been a few changes in Jess’s business operations and coaching. These changes are as outlined below: 

  • Offering free calls, webinars, and masterclasses to give support to those who need guidance and a blueprint for the creation of income and the pivoting of their business online. 
  • The introduction of extended payment plan options for those who opt to enroll in her programs
  • The opening of an additional class of her signature 90-day program – Empower U(niversity). To improve the service to those in need. 
  • Extra emotional support (in addition to her already existent twice-weekly mindset coaching calls from her mindset expert) 


The Secret Sauce To Business Growth

Jess believes that the secret sauce to business is you. She stresses this all the time. Within a world where instant gratification, social media, and coaches in every corner exist, the only way to be outstanding in the midst of the noise is to be yourself.

Like when there is a coffee shop on every corner, people make decisions based on the environment, vibe, company mission, location of ease, employees, and the quality of product amongst other factors. 

The simplest way to secure the success of your business is to ensure that there is a hundred percent originality. Your authentic voice, polarizing options, and even silly antics. Just turn up as you and people who know, like and trust you and all you represent will gladly follow and buy! 


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