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Meet Jean Kenson Laguerre: The Man Who Came To The United States To Be Free But Spent 18 Years In Corporate America Before Leaving It To Start His Own Business

It is hard to realize that you are just a cog in the system. Though workers pay a major part of any large corporation, there is so much infrastructure, bureaucracy, and management that it can feel like you are getting lost in the system. This is how Kenson Laguerre felt when he came to the United States and began working for large companies. 

“I came to this country when I was 19 years old. I spent 18 years in corporate America managing major companies like Sears, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Family Dollar etc. Then I realized no matter my title or position, I was just a number and I had zero value to them.” Kenson remembers.

Because of this, Kenson wanted to go and start his own business. He wanted to be his own boss and feel like he mattered in the work that he did. He decided to leave his job and start his own company where he could manage himself and work on his own time in a job where he could give back to his community as well as do something he loved.

“I left my job, and I started my own little business to become my own boss. I have big dreams and ambitions to focus on and to provide for my family. I want to help others to go after their dreams and stop wondering about what if they don’t make it. I also want to help my community, families, friends and church by educating them about how to acquire financial freedom.” Kenson explains.

Kenson then began his own auto insurance agency, a financial firm, and a credit agency. All of these firms are designed to teach people in Kenson’s community about how money and insurance works in America, so they can have a better understanding on how to manage their own finances.

“I own an Auto insurance agency and a financial firm. I am licensed to write most types of life insurance policy, annuities, 401k rollover, college plans, retirement plans, and the Credit Repair programs. I just need to help educate my community about how money really works in America. I want to put others in position to become successful, achieve financial freedom as well as create a legacy for my wife and kids.” Kenson states. 

Since switching jobs, Kenson has fallen in love with all of his occupations. He gets an incredibly high level of satisfaction by going to work every single day and helping others. He has had to face many obstacles in his path to achieve this success and enjoyment in life, but his perseverance through it all has allowed him to achieve happiness at work.

“My biggest obstacle so far was when my whole team quit on me and when I had to sell my franchise Auto insurance business to start my own from scratch. The Auto industry is mandatory and the financial firm is the best tool to help families prepare for their future and for the unexpected. The credit industry I love because everything in America revolves around credit such as building wealth, buying and renting property, buying a car, and starting a new business.” Kenson says.

In the future, Kenson hopes to work more on charitable efforts in his community. He hopes to change the lives of school dropouts and young mothers by giving them another shot in life. He hopes that this charity can change the lives of people around him much like his other businesses have.

“My next project is to open a non profit organization like a charity and help the high school dropouts and young mothers to go back to school to help others get a second chance at life.” Kenson remarks.

If you want to learn more about Kenson, you can follow him here.

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