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Meet Gouttam Rajpurohit Youngest entrepreneur of Rajasthan

Social media especially on Facebook Instagram and YouTube has given many talented youth not only the opportunity to showcase their talent.
Rather, it has also become a means to achieve great success. Presently, social media has changed the definition of professional and career world.Passion to succeed in the youth of the country, Unemployment is also increasing with increasing population in the country, And it has been withstand to the youth of this, On the other hand, the country is not getting a job. But there are some youths of India who are not ready to give up,And have thought now just to succeed, One of which is Gouttam Rajpurohit’s name.



Meet Gouttam Rajpurohit who is ceo and Founder of Digital Mortal he belong Sujangarh, Rajsthan,Marketing Expert. He Provides full-service digital media agency that partners with businesses to boost their business outcomes, he is Digital Marketing Expert.Although he is not particularly interested in formal education system and education, he has a tendency towards digital media from a very young age. Gouttam’s company Digital Mortal has achieved such a huge success in a very short time.He achieved so much success at such a young age, he too quickly, Gouttam Rajpurohit is very smart and intelligent in childhood, They say that they work hard to do whatever they do.Then no matter how many difficulties you have to face.



With self education, he has not only gained information about Facebook AIDS, Google Adsense, Digital Marketing, Website Traffic Management, Channel Traffic Management and Ethical Hacking but he is very skilled in all of these. Gouttam Rajpurohit believes that the formal education system is not wrong, but it can give success only in some special careers.But if you are hardworking, And if you have talent in any field which is not supported by the formal education system, then you can not only refine that talent with your strong power and hard work, You can also choose him as a great career option, Social media not only gives you the opportunity to spread your talent to millions but can also help in economic living in a skilled life.


Gouttam says he follows Bill Gates and Elon Musk and learns from them, Because we must follow successful people to succeed and they should listen, And Bill Gates says that if you were born in a poor family, then it is not your fault, but if you go away from this world as poor, then it is your fault, Gouttam says my dream is to give poor children free education,

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