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Meet Gaurav Srivastava: The New Age Entrepreneur who is the Face of Podcasting


Jumping into the ocean of entrepreneurship and surviving is not a cakewalk. However, many youngsters have proved their mettle in the realm of startups, and today we are going to throw light on an entrepreneur who is a podcaster as well as a growing motivational speaker.

Gaurav Srivastava is the founder of SRG IS ALIVE GROUPS. Through his organization, he is focusing mainly on inspiring people and creating a better perspective. In recent times, he has made his mark as a Podcaster. After realizing that there is no suitable platform for authors to share their stories and talk about their journey, he conducted research work tirelessly. Eventually, he decided to bring Reading the Author Podcast to establish a soulful connection between readers and the authors.

Reading the Author Podcast is India’s only podcast that is entirely dedicated to serve the authors and help them showcase their work in front of mass readers. The sole purpose of the podcast is to provide debut authors a platform to let their words reach millions of people.
This platform is also an excellent spot for aspiring authors and readers who want to keep track of what’s going on in the literature field.

For the success of any book in a marketing-driven world, proper promotion and advertising are the keys. Nowadays, the competition has attained its peak point due to the increasing number of publishing houses and authors. Therefore, embracing the right marketing strategy along with promoting the book on a valuable platform can only do wonders for any book written on any subject. Reading the Author Podcast is one such place where your presence will definitely leave a significant impact on the mind of viewers.
Gaurav has his own YouTube channel as well for the motivational video where he creates videos regarding the issues of youth and endeavors to encourage youth through his positive words. Those who say that only people from big cities can fulfil their dreams, maybe they are not aware of the fact that in the era of the internet, everything seems to be a possibility.Gaurav is the perfect example for those small-town folks who want to change their lives by using Social Media & other online Platforms. Gaurav had always taken an interest in writing. When he was in class 9th, he self-published his short stories book, but due to lack of knowledge and awareness regarding the marketing tactics, it got confined to only his known people. Now, he is working in this field and encouraging authors so that others don’t have to face the same issues, and their work may reach potential readers.
Reading the Author Podcast has featured authors such as Ajay K. Pandey, Raviraj Mishra, Deepti L. Sharma, Mehak Walia, and other well-established & emerging authors. We would like to congrats Gaurav Srivastava on taking this wonderful initiative. Furthermore, we hope that a major transformation in the realm of literature is expected from his side.

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