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Meet CEO Justin Havre the #1 RE/MAX Team Leader and a 9-Figured Portfolio Netpreneur Shaking the Real Estate Industry

If you are starting to invest in real estate or have been in the industry for some time, then you’ve learned one thing for sure! Real estate is a more complicated investment than stock investment because of the financial and legal requirements. The most excellent news is that the returns on investments are much more rewarding than any investment. Therefore, being a CEO of a real estate team comes with a lot of responsibilities and a couple of perks- one of which is having a front seat to the decision that consumers make daily regarding their next homes. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, millennials are starting to invest in real estate in large numbers, and they accounted for the largest group of real estate buyers in the past few years. The millennial move comes in the wake of the truth that the future is real! The future is real estate!

Who is Justin Havre?

Leaving Norway, he traversed his path to the Canadian soil – an enthusiastic teen with a vision. His name is Justin Havre. With little to no knowledge in English, the guru grew to build multi-million real estate companies- one of the largest and most successful in the world. Leading the #1 RE/MAX team of experts in Canada, Havre rose to the ninth position globally in 2018 in one of the most challenging markets ever. The business leader has managed to disrupt the Real Estate norm leading the winning team with RE/MAX since 2014. Besides, Havre generates multiple seven figures in sales commissions every single year through Web marketing for his team. 

Havre has been for years, the CEO of Justin Havre & Associates, a company penetrating one of the most challenging markets in the world. The Elite team leader commands 50+ agents and staff with 100% proven systems and processes that have resulted in close to a shocking 2 billion dollars in sales volume. Besides, the real estate consultant and coach currently owns a 9 figure domain portfolio, including the acquisition and Sales of major geo domains such as 

The Secret Behind Havre Generating Millions Of Dollars Every Year

It is no longer a secret; endless opportunities fill the internet. Growing a business would be prudent to monopolize on this, especially in an industry where the norm is to pay for leads and traffic. Havre has adjusted his processes to build websites that do not rely on pay-per-click and lead purchases. The expert leads the industry in sites that are developed for long-term web authority to make business assets while also generating opportunities and revenues for his sales team. 

Innovative and Creative Market Strategies

Real marketing innovation is a remarkable thing! It truly amazes – effectively with the potential to put a company on a map…or ignite our social media. The #1 RE/MAX team leader, Havre, has driven his team of experts to success since 2014 with RE/MAX. He achieves this success through marketing innovation and creative sales strategies necessary for customer satisfaction. 

In doing these actions, he has built a foundation of trust, integrity, and personal development. The most important of his coaching and training has been on personal development, emotional awareness, and support for his team members and staff. 

Why Havre Remains a Coveted ICON in the Real Estate Market

According to research, the rich keep getting rich. There has been a significant divide between the rich and the imperfect (poor) world over. This is why you have to take notes from Havre! He is a humble, authentic man with a vision. His grand idea has been backed by working consistently reinvesting into building his domain assets to climb his way up the latter, one step at a time.

The guru shares his business guidance and advice, mentoring thousands of young entrepreneurs globally. Despite all his success, Havre still finds time to enjoy life and nature. He also loves animals and possesses resilience as a virtue!

Success is not something you pursue or follow, but it is something you attract by the person you become. Therefore teach yourself self-denial and make it practice pleasure. You will be able to create a world of destiny more easily. You can do it!

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