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Meet Cassandra Moore Who Is Building World’s First Online Marketplace For LGBT Community

Cassandra Moore - LGBT Commerce

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Cassandra Moore, founder of LGBT Commerce, who is bridging the gap between the LGBTQ/Trans community and commerce industry. She is building the world’s first and only LGBT focused online marketplace.

So, buckle up as I chat with Cassandra about the journey in entrepreneurship, online business, LGBT community, etc.

For our readers, please give a brief introduction about you.

My name is Cassandra Moore, I’m a 35 year old Army Veteran currently residing in Atlanta, GA. As a member of the LGBT community myself, I have experienced the ugliness of discrimination in many forms including as a consumer and a business owner, so creating a non-discriminating experience in anything that I do is and has always been very important to me.

Why did you decided to start an e-marketplace for LGBT people? Was there a specific incident or event behind that acted as a motivation factor or driving force behind this e-marketplace? is the world’s first and only LGBTQ/Trans focused E-commerce Marketplace. It’s like a love child of Amazon and The Gay Pages, and allows consumers to locate non-discriminating businesses as well as access to the LGBTQ “niche” market for business owners. It all started when searching for at least an LGBT inclusive marketplace online to sell my speciality blend of Hemp Oil. When I found there wasn’t one, I decided to create it, and LGBT Commerce was born. The difference between LGBT Commerce and Sasha Cart is that our LGBT Business Expositions are hosted under LGBT Commerce which is essentially the real-world version of the E-commerce Marketplace,

What’s your most memorable experience in this whole journey?

My most memorable experience thus far would have to be the second LGBT Business Expo held in Atlanta, GA on Aug 29, 2020. There were so many interested sellers that tickets sold out within two weeks of posting and I had to, unfortunately, turn away some interested sellers due to restrictions in capacity for the building!
All of the sellers that were in attendance made sales which is the entire goal of the Expo, and LGBT Commerce, to bridge the gap between members of the LGBT/Trans communities and business owners happy to serve them! We were also visited by an amazingly talented internet talk show host, Deja Vu, (@dejavutalkshow) who interviewed me as well as many of the sellers who were present which can be viewed on our YouTube Channel!
When we closed the doors to the public, we had an after party where we all enjoyed the good vibes of success. It was a grand night to remember for sure!

Who are your biggest influences in life and why?

In high school, I found out Herman Poole Blount, aka Sun Ra, was my father’s late uncle. I was very impressed by Uncle Sun Ra’s pioneering abilities and how he literally created his own lane in the Jazz industry. It really lit a spark in me to create my own lane in pretty much everything I did from that point on. Including creating my own E-Commerce Marketplace.

What do you see as your greatest success in life?

Achieving my goal of having paying sellers on has been my greatest success in life up to this point. Having created a marketplace from an idea in my head into a real-life product to serve the community, and being validated by the community that the vision I had for its’ success can be real, is humbling and gives me the drive to continue each day.

What were the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

Discrimination has been a common experience of mine. It has a way of wearing one down and causing demotivation, self-doubt, and all the other things we sometimes put in our own way.
So that was one thing I have had to unlearn over time, there isn’t anything “wrong” with me. In fact, in many cases, I have likely been discriminated against out of fear. When some people see your greatness, they begin to fear you and want nothing more than to tear you down. I’ve experienced discrimination at school, work, and in public places, and there have been times where I have simply given in to it, and not fought back.
Not having the support of family or loved ones at times caused me to just stop pursuing anything that did not result in a paycheck or immediate financial gain.

How can people follow your journey? What are the best ways to connect with you?

One can directly connect with me using our Facebook page and Instagram handle.


Thank you so much Cassandra for joining us. Best wishes for you future.


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