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Meet Bojan Dimov: 15 Year Old Running a 7-Figure Online Business

-Can you tell me more about your working experience?

First, when I was 15 years old I started working with sites for healthy food and Facebook pages. It was my first job but surprisingly one of the best that I ever had. I was working with different topics especially with political and they became sites with millions of views.

After this, I made a few online shops and I worked with dropshipping and with that the first million came.

When I started improving my knowledge, I started working with affiliate marketing.

-What is your main occupation now which is connected with your job?

Now I am working on my biggest project that I ever had and it is connected with opening my own company called dimovdigital. 

We are not a Digital marketing agency, we are a team of Freelancers, and we work and coordinate projects.

-Can you tell me more about your work?

Our mission is to make ultra-affordable pricing for local businesses, which due to the rise of digital marketing and the rise of this type of businesses, have been neglected because of unacceptable prices. It has always been emphasized that local businesses must digitize and embrace change, but no one has made an acceptable price for their type.

We are not a Digital Marketing Agency, with classical offers for about $2000, $3000 or $5000 per month. We are a team of freelancers who work together depending on the project. If the project is simple enough to operate one Freelancer the cost will be shaped on a project scale. The advantage is that every client has direct contact with the Freelancer who works for him. 

-What can your company offer to you clients?

We do a detailed analysis and separate only the most important services from Digital Marketing for the sole purpose of keeping customers at no extra cost for services they do not need. We are working with local SEO. This is one of the most important aspects for local businesses. 4 in 5 customers use search engines to find local services. 50% of customers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day. 18% of local searches on a smartphone lead to one day purchase. Our service offers a wide range of high quality SEO with current and latest ranking requirements. Our team has members who have already successfully ranked services around the world keeping up with the latest methods. Also, we work with Google ads who is the twin brother of SEO, we can work in combination with one of the other services, or individually. In any case you will get a Freelancer who is well proven in this field. And finally, of course, with Facebook ads, who will bring you tremendous results if we use it for Remarketing. We can run it in combination with one of the other services, or individually.

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