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Meet Badri Narang – The Guy who motivates the young Generation towards success

Badri Narang

Nowadays, becoming famous and creating a large public image is a dream to most. Why do some struggle to acquire this? Everyone wants a cake – creamy and easy way for this. The real personality traits come from real heroes and hard workers. Attaining this kind of fame and celebrity status with large no. of true fans is through and through toughest and most righteous.

One such person is Badri Narang who achieved these all at just 23. Badri Narang is a fitness influencer and a health & wellness enthusiast. He has been a fitness freak and active person since his childhood.

Lives in Delhi, India Born in 1997, Badri is completely devoted to his work and has constantly shown an interest in whatever he is doing. Badri’s charm and attractive personality are not the results of a single day’s work but a comprehensive and continuous effort in one soul direction. He is a Mentor who will guide you and motivate everyone along the way.

In today’s information, age the youth need a role model like him.

Badri Narang, 23-year-old, is a fitness influencer, Youtuber & Motivational Speaker, making meaningful changes in the lives of the followers for better health. This fitness freak has been encouraging people for fitness for more than a couple of years now.

Badri always tries to generate a healthy lifestyle approach-among his followers. Not only this he has also produced his Youtube channel, which has got more than 180K+ subscribers. His followers have subscribed to his channel, Badri Fitness, for the fitness videos. With the help of his videos, he shows how people transform from an imperfect healthy lifestyle to an adequate healthy lifestyle.

Besides being the founder of Badri Fitness, Badri is also an online fitness trainer and transformation and motivational coach, Providing his clients tips virtually for better health and physical fitness. He also drives a transformational programme and makes sure that the people benefit from the transformation. He has over 15000 active clients.

Getting or Winning so much love, Support & publicity and name at such a young age has not happened within a single day. It took years of hard work with lots of determination, steadiness, strictness-regarding the diet, and endurance. He is followed by more than 50k followers on Instagram. Influencing people with a fitness style is not-simple, and Badri is thus followed by lakhs of youngsters. Fitness not only-makes people healthy but also helps in becoming them a better person, with a sense of responsibility. It helps in maintaining Great Confidence and Positive Mindset.

Badri Narang is a conditioning coach, who focuses on nutrition, mind, and body. He wants to see others enjoying a more effective and fit/healthy lifestyle. He has reached a place where people around him look up to him to secure allegiance and strong work in their life.

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