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Meet Ali Haider Hussain who Scammed Tons of people in the media Industry.

This Guy Ali Haider Hussain (might be using a fake name)

asked me to do his pr for which the amount was 4500₹

and the service was delivered.

i have asked him to pay multiple times but he isn’t paying.

he is just making excuses.

this same guy has scammed multiple people from india and outside india.

i request everyone from the media industry to stay away from this guy.

He claims to he living in mumbai but after tracking we found him to be living in Bihar, Up.

Also the Sketchy thing is his Facebook which is verified by the way has the date of year of birth is 1954 whereas he is only 15-17 years old.

i suspect that he might be using a hacked account so request everyone to not to deal him on Facebook.

also i am dropping his both phone numbers below so everyone can notice that.

His Verified Facebook Handle:

His both Phone numbers: +918630757622

and +917272954242

Attaching A Screen Recording As A proof Below


Name: Ali Haider Hussain
Father Name: Shakir Hussain
Location: Nehtaur (Uttar Pradesh)
DOB: 20 April 2003
Contact number: +91 86307 57622
Email address: [email protected]


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