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Manpreet Chaudhary – CEO, Code Digital, A Digital Marketing Expert of a Trustworthy Organization.

Manpreet Chaudhary is one of the most passionate, trustworthy, and infectious personalities when it comes to digital marketing.

Another name of the game called Digital Marketing is “Change, Change, and More Change! – The online world is a fast-changing, never-slowing-down beast that can get away from you if you’re not on top of things, however, this is not the case with our digital marketing expert Code Digital CEO, Manpreet Chaudhary because from the age of 14, when teenagers are busy in dealing with their hormonal changes, Manpreet was clear about his career path that Digital Marketing is his passion in which “Sky is the limit”, therefore, having numerous dreams and never say never attitude, Manpreet started making daily revenue of Rs 2000-3000 daily on networking sites, e.g., WittyFeed by generating traffic through digital promotion.

In 11th standard Manpreet decided to move ahead on the path of becoming an inspiration leader in the digital marketing field and with the support of parents and family, while still in college, he started his first venture “Code Digital” and now is the proud owner of “Code Records Music label” along with “Code Digital”.

Manpreet Chaudhary understood the fact quite early that in digital marketing – your knowledge of the market is everything. In order to keep up with the technical digital market – you always need to be one step ahead of the next guy, however, the best way for this is to learn from others but at that time when Manpreet was starting his journey, the digital marketing field was new and unfortunately – the Internet can be a hub of chaos making, it is hard to sift through the right information and identify who to trust but this stallion decided to ride through all the obstacles by learning through trial and error and ultimately made his name in this field.

Today Code Digital is a leading digital marketing company within the trade, which provides result-oriented services in a very cost-efficient manner. With the exception of making the market potential for his consumers, Manpreet additionally introduces leading-edge technologies of social media and guides his regular consumers with his information and experience, to form productive online businesses. His strength lies within the proven fact that he is providing sensible content systematically to his customers, thus, grabbing the eyeballs of the viewers. Manpreet believes that the standard of content must be outstanding for it to form the required impact.

Manpreet has used his skills to figure out several foremost notable names within the world of business, glamour, films, etc. His latest venture, an album named “Titliaan Warga”, was an instant hit and gone viral when it came out in the market.

In the long run, Manpreet is keen to expand his business in India as well as in foreign markets, particularly to North American countries & Australia, with a sizeable North Indian and Punjabi audience.

Being from a small town named Sirsa, Haryana, to make Code Digital one of the established brands and Manpreet Chaudhary a reliable name in the Digital Marketing industry with the least resources has been truly inspirational.

Manpreet is a true example of how success can be achieved by sheer hard work with smartness, perseverance. He has been genuine, righteous, and honest in his approach to finding the true meaning of success by applying all his efforts to achieve new heights in the Digital Marketing field and such young people are required to benefit India to lead the world.
We would like to with Manpreet Chaudhary best of luck for his future projects.

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