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Malaysian model and influencer Siew Pui Yi reveals her secret on maintaining a fit body amidst the lockdown

Are you concerned on how to follow your regular workout regimen staying at home? Well, it is a matter of concern for every fitness enthusiast. Due to the novel coronavirus, people are forced to stay at home and maintain social distancing from everyone. Every individual is somehow managing their daily routine as the regular routine is on a toss. The number of confirmed cases all over the globe has gone past 1.9 million and the pandemic has created severe tension among everyone. In this situation, everyone needs to stay physically fit and mentally strong. Siew Pui Yi, Malaysia’s sizzling model and influencer shared some important fitness advice one can follow amidst the lockdown.

The number of confirmed cases in Malaysia has crossed more than 4,800 with 77 deaths till now. In this critical time, Siew advises people to stay indoors and step out only if there is an emergency. The 21-year old model is blessed with a perfectly curved body, thanks to her disciplined routine. Speaking about her nutrition, she said, “I follow the right nutrition and divide my meals. I do not take long breaks to overeat altogether. It’s always preferable to consume small meals at a fixed interval. I follow a high-protein and low-carb diet and have avoided sugar completely. In this quarantine, make sure you do not go off your diet.”

Keeping herself fit, Siew stated that it is not necessary to have exercise equipment. She follows a basic exercise routine which includes skipping,

jumping jacks, push-ups, free-hand squats, free-hand lunges, crunches and planks. She further said, “You cannot workout the way you do it at the gym, but at least you can do the minimum to stay fit.” Siew also laid emphasis on yoga and meditation to have a positive mindset. In this state of lockdown, the influencer hopes that people should exercise at home to maintain their fitness level. The model has earlier been a part of many lingerie shoots and music videos. Moreover, she has raised many eyebrows with her bold and sensuous pictures on the internet.

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