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Major rules to consider before buying a watch

Currently, a watch is an almost necessary complement for many people, so before taking into account aspects such as movement or specific functionalities, a lot of attention is usually given to the design. Here we will tell you some major points that we must consider before buying watches.

  1. Money or investment

One of the big questions on the part of the largest population is, first of all, to standardize or filter a price range for which we are willing to pay.

This filter not always important, but it also necessary in some cases.That is, we know the watch can gain benefits and price from a certain amount of money that it couldn’t have been cheaper.

Similarly, not all watches are always expensive because they are of quality, so it is necessary to make comparisons and reviews of each of them and see what we can expect from each of the brands we find in the market.

Somehow, we can perform the following classification based on the investment by the watch.

  • Economic watches:  a usual price of less than $100.
  • Standard watches:  usually costs between €$100 and $600.
  • Value watches:  from $600, we can find other brands at this price.Thewatchcompany are one of the best site for wristwatches. 
  1. Design features

One of the most studied points. It is to see and check if the clock enters us through the eyes and produces butterflies in our stomach.

Large collections spend a lot of time and effort trying to adapt to fashion, and this is something really difficult because it changes every so often.

A clear example is the Smart watch or activity watches. Five years ago, only the elite athletes carried them, to classify their brands and improve. Today, even inactive people or those who have not heard about the word «running» in their lives have a valuable watch valued at more than $ 500 with speed reader, caloric consumption, faster lap, etc.

We may like square, spherical, thicker, or thicker watches, with steel, fabric, leather strap, etc. This already depends on our tastes, and that does not change so much over time. We are people of customs.

  1. Functionalities

A broker, an airplane or public transport pilot or any profession that demands strict compliance with schedules, needs a clock where accuracy prevails above all.

For example, in Japan, the Tokyo metro company issued a statement apologizing deeply because one of its trains had left 1 minute in advance.

However, an athlete needs a stopwatch with several levels (to count laps), a swimmer needs his watch to be waterproof, and a climber needs a watch that does not suffer if he receives friction, bumps or is filled with mud.

The functionalities of a watch have slowly lost their life due to the advancement of technologies, so they are only usable by a small public niche. 

  1. Strap size

An important decision when buying watches is to see if the piece we want to buy fits our wrist perfectly.

It’s funny how we see small children wearing large diameter watches and the visual effect they create. This, in older people, loses a positive effect on the design and can be very uncomfortable for those who are carrying it.

People with a small wrist, as is my case, should choose watches whose case diameter is less than 40 mm. People with wide wrist should opt for watches with a case diameter greater than 40 mm.

So these are some important features that we must consider before buying wristwatches.

Alexa Josh is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful businesses in the field of writing, marketing, design, software development, and more. Ever since graduating from the University of Mumbai, writing has become her thing that she passionately engages in daily.

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