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How Maeva Cifuentes Helps Brands Build Trust and Authority With User-Focused Content

Trust is the #1 asset a business has today, built through telling the story of their brand through content. But highlighting the unique features of a product or announcing news about the company doesn’t build a loyal tribe. Stories and providing helpful content do. Even SEO writing, known to be one of the highest-converting marketing channels, often fails to keep up with Google’s new algorithms, which increasingly strict about providing value to searchers. Entrepreneur Maeva Cifuentes, seasoned content marketer and founder of Flying Cat Marketing, thinks that all content should be focused on helping the user, regardless of the distribution channel.

Cifuentes was frustrated with ineffective marketing campaigns: companies talk about themselves and their products and fail to put themselves in their users’ shoes. “Your customers don’t care about your product or story. They care about their story. Making the users the hero of the story is the only way to move forward with content,” Cifuentes said. 

Founding Of Flying Cat Marketing

Cifuentes’s journey in content marketing began a decade ago as a marketing translator. She translated marketing content from Spanish and French to English. Moving into copywriting was a natural next step, having always been passionate about psychology and communication. She developed her skill in writing sales copy and learned the art of persuading a target audience. She eventually started managing blogs for her clients as well as growing her own personal blog. 

“So many brands are just guessing what the users want. This strategy doesn’t work. I’m frustrated with content for content’s sake. We’ve all had it up to here. It doesn’t get good results. It doesn’t help anybody. A realization hit me that it boils down to the strategy: SEO focused on helping the user. So, I got into crafting SEO-driven content marketing strategies,” Cifuentes mentioned. She admitted that she loved strategizing, so she focused on this aspect and built a business around it. That’s when Flying Cat Marketing was born.

What Do They Offer?

Flying Cat Marketing is a B2B content marketing agency based in Barcelona, Spain, which works with clients based in the United States. She added that her agency is entirely new and has been in operation for less than a year.

The B2B content marketing agency focuses mainly on helping SaaS companies grow their businesses. “I love working with companies that are innovative and passionate about changing the world. I help them build a loyal community with content,” Cifuentes said. She added that nourishing startups holds a special place in her heart.

Cifuentes explained that her agency’s primary goal is to make businesses stand out as a leader in the industry. They create user-focused and SEO driven content strategies to help companies grow. The strategies are designed to help brands gain credibility, trust, and ultimately sales. They create authentic content that is useful for the audiences of her clients.

Flying Cat Marketing is one of the staunch advocates of an audience-centric approach in content marketing. This particular approach makes the agency unique among its competition. “I don’t think that content is useful unless it resonates with your customers. It seems obvious but then you see so much bad content out there. We don’t work on a marketer’s hunch. We dive deep into customer research and get to know what their real pain points are,” Cifuentes explained.

Cifuentes said that at the center of their content creation are the users. A major part of her strategy is understanding what the users need and then placing her clients in a position to help them. They interview the customers, scrape forums and online platforms, and don’t even start keyword research until they’re sure the topics will help users. “People want to learn, and often they’re learning from brands. We find out what they want to learn about in the company’s vertical and start from there. It helps us in craft content that responds to their needs. So, our content is based on real conversations with customers. As a result, we can deliver the real answers to their questions,” she further added.

The Flying Cat Marketing team gathers as much information they can get about what the audience is talking about and a major pillar of the strategy is developing the customer avatar thoroughly.

They also do SEO research, which does take into account competitor keywords and pay-per-click keywords, but pays closer attention to keywords that the customers are looking for. Other than SEO, they also use various channels that can help distribute content. “You find out what they need, you help them solve a problem, and then they get to know you. They keep coming back for more. It’s not tricking or persuading them, you’re genuinely helping them with content” she added.

Cifuentes shared that Flying Cat Marketing’s approach helps her clients get targeted traffic that actually aligns with business goals. Also, the client’s email list grew. Most importantly, it generates customers, which means more revenue for her client. 

In A Nutshell

Cifuentes’ passion for making strategies paved the way for her to establish her business. Years ago, she saw that there was a need to create content that focused on the users—someone to help brands identify customer needs and solve them through content. The user-focused approach has been a contributor to the success of her clients, and it is also the same approach that will push her business to newer heights. She is only a year in, but before we know it, her agency will undoubtedly be one of the leaders in the industry.

Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed. He is one of six founders to be featured in an Inc Magazine article on "Millennials with a Thriving Business" and has also been featured in the Huffington Post as a 19-Year-Old dominating the PR space.

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