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Madhurima to release her new book ” When Love Lasts”


Madhurima is back with another poetry book which has just launched with a title “Musings and
memories”. With series of poems about bits of lives from people in the society she was inspired,
the book believed to be crafted with an intention to heal souls from agony.
“During the second wave of Corona, I was deeply impacted by the news that how many lives had
been shattered. Some lost their jobs and families. The agony was like a war and I was constantly
battling to get through. Now just imagine, how many like me were actually facing this trauma?
Hence I wrote these poems in notion to console the tears, to travel along with me in the journey
of healing. And I always believe poetry heals magically. This book will surely help to sooth
fuming thoughts” says Madhurima the author who had already published couple of poetry books
earlier.- “Musings on Life” and “A soul of Candy Heart”
Madhurima is an educator and has no prior experience in writing poems but what triggered her
to approach the line of poetry is her past which left her with massive tangled questions . “Megha
Rao is my inspiration. Her poems have always directed me to the path to contemplate the
meaning of my life. Poems impact in a way where we get to rediscover our lives, a tool that never
leaves us alone. I am still trying to master the art of manifesting and structuring poems” she
Nonetheless, Madhurima had been a co-author to several anthologies before, penned at least
30 poems by far. For which she had received the accolades from publishers and authors which
helped her to propel into the journey of writing. With more confidence, Madhurima is now
gearing up for her first novel release titled “When Love lasts” for which she is enthused and adds
“I am really excited for this project. This is going to be a love story between a film actor and
an aspiring writer. How their paths meet and how do they overcome turbulence is what it’s all
Madhurima had been already a published author before but this will be the first time for her to
write a novel. As she takes her sweet time to finish it, she has been teasing the readers with the
glimpse of visuals on her social media handle making them to go awe for it.
“I am working hard and staying focused to structure the story well. Hope I won’t disappoint any
of you” signs off in contentment.

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