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Luxury clothing wear for kids- Beautiful mess by Ann

Beautiful mess

Beautiful mess by Ann is a luxury kids clothing brand based in Bangalore.

Founded by Anita in the year 2016 and then she opened her first flagship store in Bangalore in 2019, she didn’t knew that her dream would shape up this way.

Anita was creative since a very young age and she had a huge liking for designs. In her initial days, she started with designer jewellery in diamond and golden ornaments, for which she received accolades from her near and dear ones.

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The creative side of her always kept her inclined to do something unique and that’s when she came up with ‘Beautiful mess by Ann’.

She realized the fact that there is a void in the Indian market in relation to luxury clothing for kids. She, being a shopaholic and her love for kids made her to start off with her new venture.

She designs and curates the clothing herself and makes it super comfortable yet trendy and stylish for kids to wear, exactly the way the Millennial Moms want their kids to dress up.

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However, it wasn’t an easy journey for Anita since the beginning. They started out sourcing the best materials and then continued with designing and outsourcing. Her passion and dedication to come up with the best everytime was the fuel for her journey. Though her brand was founded in 2016 but she opened up her flagship store on 7th September, 2019 in Kumarapark area of Bangalore; which is one of the biggest landmark in her Entrepreneurial journey.

The interesting part which I found was the name. The name is quite intriguing and thus when enquired Anita told
“My husband and myself decided to keep the name ‘Beautiful mess’ because kids love to make a mess and thus the name will totally justify the way kids are”

A brand that deals with premium luxury clothing for kids with love and comfort. As we all know, how comfort plays a major role in kidswear.

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The main USP of Beautiful Mess by Ann is that the collections are very unique and the designs too are very exclusively made. Sheer meticulousness is shown towards the execution of the work, keeping in mind the comfort of little one making them look stylish and adorable at the same time.

Beautiful designer dress are available from newly born to 10 years old. The clothes are not repetative with trendy and fashionable outlook.
Each designer wear is unique in its own way and has a style statement of its own.

Alongwith clothing, they are also into matching accessories to outfits, variety of stuffed toys, home decor range, gifting options as well.

Anita believes that nothing can inspire you more than your own dreams.

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“Small struggles are a part of any business. However, by God’s grace my journey has been quite smooth and peaceful. The learnings I have had in the past few years is immense and I am really greatful to the family of Beautiful mess, friends and customers who have appreciated us and has helped us reach where we are today.” quotes Anita.

Her immense perseverance and zeal has made the brand reach to customers all across the Globe in such a short span of time.

I have linked the social media handles (i.e Instagram and Facebook) so that you can go through the collection and order one for the jolly little one in your family or you can also gift someone whom you love.

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