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L’Omari: “Glorious” star releases his latest single “Who Dat” that’s doing exceptional numbers on music charts

L’Omari is an influential name in the music industry . L’omari’s latest release “Who dat” is doing extraordinary numbers on playlists in the Middle East . L’omari is a multi-talented artist , songwriter and influencer.
We got the chance to sit and discuss his music, his Label  “Bidwin Music Group” by way of “Qatar Music Foundation” and his latest single “Who Dat”.

How did it all start for you?

I was born and brought up in Doha, Qatar and Toronto, Canada . At the age of 13 I started writing lyrics and at that point I realized that I could do this. As a child, I chose instruments to be my kind of toys, that’s when I realized that I love music and it resonated within my soul. Now I been making as long as I know, and everything I create or speak of, comes from the heart.

Your style is different from all of your contemporaries and it  is working for you. What inspires you to make this unique type of music?

My inspirations are real life situations. I observe my surroundings, a virgo trait you may say. Everything I experience or go thru whether it’s positive or negative, I find a way to interpret into my music. That’s how a lot of people can relate to my line of work and music.
You are  from  a total different surrounding like the ambience is totally different in Miami as compared to Qatar. How does affect your music?
I consider myself to be privileged that I got the chance to live at both the places as it gave me knowledge about two different world which plays a very vital role while making music. I blend two different styles that gives my music a unique sound. you can say it sounds like trap with arab melodies with a splash of L’Omari.

Your music group “Bidwin music group” is doing very well congrats on the success of Bidwin first of all. Tell us about ”Bidwin”

Thank you. Bidwin derives from the word Bedouin, it means an Original arab from the desert. Me and my partner Jonny Sierra had the same vision and same goals so we decided to start a venture in this music industry which we came about the creation of “Bidwin Music Group”  to achieve goals we had back in 2018. Now “BMG” is serving its purpose and we got a lot of talented people on board to take this new wave to another level.

Your singles are really inspiring especially the 2018 single “Glorious” . What inspired you to make such a masterpiece?

Right of the jump, I wanted to give back to my community. “Glorious” is a patriotic song for my people from Qatar. The name “Glorious” is inspired from our beloved Ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani as it was his nickname. I just wanted to do something good for my people and what’s better than talking about real life situations into a new sound of music that they never experienced before. The rest was history.

Your latest single “Who Dat” is getting a lot of attention. Are you happy with it?

Ofcourse, however with this whole coronavirus situation it changed a bunch of plans of shooting the video and live release parties, and promoting the song. Nonetheless, I am very happy that a lot of people loved it and are uploading it on their Instagram stories and share it with me. It reached the number one on some playlists in middle east which I am quite happy with, but It could do better.

Any message for your fans ?

First of all I would like to thank them for showing so much love as always and believing in me. I make music for the people and like I said when I first started, I promise I won’t let you down. Meantime, stay home, stay safe. We’re gonna pull thru this thing together. God bless.
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