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Logistic Upgrade: Companies Are Taking Full Advantage of AI for Growth

Few things can take the place of technology when it comes to implementing growth in a company. Businesses are continually looking for innovative ways to make their processes simple, efficient, and profitable. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paving the way for businesses to grow on a scale never before seen. Here you will find a brief overview of the type of systems that are being used in different industries to improve logistics and increase profits.


The Importance of AI

It is no secret that AI is slowly taking the place of humans in the workforce in certain sectors. While this is not always best for individuals, it is a form of progress for businesses looking to produce at a lesser cost. AI in the workforce is allowing for smarter central hub systems that can monitor the logistics of an entire operation with pinpoint accuracy, keep records, and allow managers to make adjustments that directly impact the bottom line. Still, major sites like Forbes believe that AI will replace tasks, not jobs.


The various types of smart systems that are cropping up in today’s business landscape are helping industries grow. From retail to food service, there is no place the tech boom has failed to reach. Some of the more widely recognized AI systems helping individuals grow have been around for some time but are quickly becoming more sophisticated, enabling better responses to various situations at work and implementing changes.


Take a system like Montage, which has been widely adopted by various major recruiting firms around the country as well as corporations like NBC and Cisco. Montage allows candidates to schedule their interviews at times most convenient for them; this saves recruiters hundreds of hours a month that are typically spent scheduling these meetups. The software is sophisticated enough that it is easy to follow for both employers and future employees at once.

Palatine Analytics 

You may be surprised to know that major companies in all sectors are taking advantage of Palatine Analytics, a revolutionary AI technology that helps them select candidates for promotion. Palatine Analytics gives managers access to employee performance records that are updated daily. These reports make it easier for individuals in charge to monitor the performance of their subordinates, enabling them the chance to reward those who perform well.


Textio is an application also being implemented by various large industries such as Nestle, particularly in their staffing departments, where different job descriptions are written and sent each day. Textio helps hiring managers write more compelling job descriptions by analyzing copy and making suggestions that can add clarity and boost interest. Few things can take the place of a great description that draws attention to a job; Textio understands this and assists accordingly. 

Saving Time

Time is money, and AI in the workplace is all about that since it eliminates repetitive administrative tasks that consume vasts amounts of time at work. Sorting and filing is nearly a thing of the past as smart systems create complex algorithms that dispatch anything that is not useful while alerting the user of important updates to be made. AI is changing the way that the head of logistics individuals approach their work, enhancing their reaction time and overall efficiency. 

AI in the Workplace

There is truly no stopping the changes that are ahead as the tech boom continues to change the way we do business. “A number of our business processes and analytics, tasks which used to take several hours weekly are now automated and available in minutes,” explains Todd William, founder and CEO of Reputation Rhino, a reputation management firm in New York City.  Tasks are becoming easier to perform, and business owners see their profits grow based on performance alone. It is essential that governments help regulate these significant changes and provide access to new technology to all industries. The future is already here, and it is making your work day a lot easier. 

Ujwal Sharma is an Indian Entrepreneur and Digital Marker. He is the Founder of Uzi World Digital.

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