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Listen to your heart with Yash Aggarwal


Beating of heart, a sound so familiar, but is it all it does?. What if, it has a voice unheard? Not in someone else’s but just try to dive into your own heart and listen, listen as it pleads for your presence, for your attention. Your heart can speak, but it needs you to listen, to understand it’s language. It belongs to you but, have you ever tried to feel it? It questions, it feels, it demands but, have you got the ears enough to hear all of it? It deserves to be heard, set it free as a bird don’t trap it, just untie it and let it go.
The book is not about what I want to write, but it’s all about what my heart says and maybe yours too..
No one knows what we have got caged inside of us. So, dig deeper and look for it. Don’t be astonished with the answers. Our own author Yash Aggarwal brings us a book trying to bring out what our heart wants to say. You don’t believe in your heart trying to speak, give it a read once maybe you will hear your own heart too.
Yash Aggarwal a life philosopher, who always had held curiosities towards world. The Founder and CEO of CyberDash Technologies, He finished his primary and secondary education from CBSE , he was the president of techno club in his middle and high school . Now, Yash Aggarwal is an Infosec expert and a certified ethical hacker from EC council (US) and Infosec Expert who is working for the cause of spreading awareness against ‘cyber crime, online security, and information protection’. He is also a certified Microsoft office specialist.

Apart from technical skills Yash is also passionate about writing poetry , short poems and when it comes to writing Yash believes that words have the greatest power to hurt or heal people and the choice remains ours. Yash desires to heal millions of souls through his words.

He is the author of “If Heart Could Speak” and co- author of 50+ books like ‘Etheral’, ‘When They Smile’, ‘It’s Ok To Be Different ‘, ‘Music Heals’, ‘The Naked Truth’, ‘Dolorous’, ‘Shiddat’, ‘Unique-By Choice’, ‘Shadows’ and much more published nationally and internationally. He featured in 5+ musings and 5+ magzines as well. He is a well rounded person living with full of passion and dedication and grace.

The book “If Heart Could Speak” remains very close to his heart for always as it is his first published book, for which he owes much thanks to Tammy and team Hanuel publications. And more and most gratitude to all his readers choosing to read his compositions.

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