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Life Strategist Tips from Sharaya Maples

If you have been struggling in these last few years with planning your life you will need some advice and core truths to help you set out on the right path. In this article, you will learn about all the tips Sharaya Maples uses to help her plan her life strategy and create success.

Here are some of the tips Sharaya Maples shared.

Be Yourself

“I once heard a monk say that if you meditated nonstop for 10 years, the answer you would get to is to be yourself. There is tremendous freedom in just being yourself. It is better (and easier!) to be a true version of yourself than a third-rate version of someone else. How long will you be able to fake it, anyway?” said Sharaya when asked about what’s the first step to properly start living your life.

People are like a form of a snowflake. Just as no one else in the world has your facial features, no one has your unique strength, personality or gifts. Do not be afraid to be seen.

You Do Not Have Anything To Prove

Do you ever feel like when you achieve something, or finally get a job, or reach that weight you’ve been reaching for, that your worth will go up? Sharaya Maples thinks that you need to stop that needless struggle. “You were enough since the day you were born. All of us are. You do not need to earn your place in this world. You do not have to entertain others, compete or please everyone or even anyone. You are enough, just as you are right now.”

You Cannot Control Anyone

“Have you ever met anyone who thought that they were wrong about their own choices? Neither have I.” said Sharaya Maples. She claims that some of our most mature actions are inactions or simply put, biting our tongue. “For example, my super healthy friends and I went for dinner last week. She ordered a salad and I ordered a pizza with extra cheese and a beer. She didn’t say a word” shared Sharaya indicating that sometimes you do not need to comment on other people’s life choices.

A lot of suffering can come if you try to control other people’s habits, actions or worldviews. The fact is, you do not have any control over people. Live and let live.

Do Not Take Yourself So Seriously

“When I was a waitress as a teenager, the owner I worked for had a rule that whenever we break a glass or plate, we laugh! It was a great policy. The other day I was pacing around my home cursing the ceiling because I accidentally sent a newsletter out with the wrong link and then had to send another mail with an apology—and correction—to the almost 50,000 people in our community.” – shared Sharaya.

Sometimes some of our mistakes may seem like the end of the world, but in reality, we are human and everyone makes mistakes. Take a moment to calm yourself and find a way to fix your problem or mistake. Sharaya Maples says that these are the three tips she followed every day in her life that helped found Team Rebalance with her husband Jared Maples.

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