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Learn The Inspiring Story Behind Ecommerce Entrepreneur Kilian Lee.

Kilian Lee, also known as Wall Street, is a Facebook strategy and eCommerce website expert who’s helped scores of individuals succeed at their opening a side hustle. 

Kilian has achieved this feat by offering intense one-on-one mentoring sessions with his students and helping them build highly converting websites. He also teaches his students how to earn money by driving traffic to their website using Facebook ads.

One noteworthy fact is that Kilian has achieved all these within a year of starting his business. It might have seemed impossible at the beginning,  but he’s done it. 

In this article, we will uncover the story behind e-commerce entrepreneur, Kilian Lee

A Troubled Past

Kilian grew up in a dysfunctional household located in Los Angeles, California. He was often kicked out from home and had to relocate to Las Vegas in 2010. 

Eventually, Kilian became homeless at the age of 16, and at the age of 17, he found out that he was having a baby. Nonetheless, Kilian didn’t give up on life. Instead, he went into full hustle mode. He worked his way through high school and graduated with his peers. 

Immediately after graduation, he secured a job in the security industry and worked there for three years. 

At the age of 21, Kilian became a law enforcement officer. He also decided to diversify and go into industries such as photography, stocks, clothing, and pet breeding.

Unfortunately, all his businesses failed, and it seemed like all hope was lost. Still, Kilian had a strong desire not to fail; he still had a keen sense for investing money and decided to venture into the stock industry again. He made 8% in his first year with a $20000 account after actively investing in blue-chip stocks.

In January 2019, Kilian was forced to leave his $60,000 a year job as a law enforcement officer and start his business, W.S.K.L INVESTMENTS LLC. Ever since he started W.S.K.L, Kilian has invested over $15,000 into developing himself, which in turn has led him to make a chain of smart investments, business deals and ultimately, living a success filled lifestyle 

Investing in self-development is the single most crucial decision that Kilian has made in his life.

Drawing Inspiration 

Inspiration comes from those things we hold in high esteem. These things are our source of hope, a beacon, or shining light. 

They are the things that keep us fighting even when the odds are against us. Kilian’s first source of inspiration is his faith in God. He strongly believes in God’s vision for his life and sets his goals according to God’s plan for him. 

Kilian also draws inspiration from his kids and past struggles. Every day, he strives to create a decent life for his children, so they don’t experience the same things he went through.

Achieving Success and Overcoming Obstacles

Kilian has been working in the eCommerce and Facebook marketing industry for a year now and has attended multiple masterminds. These masterminds were golden opportunities for Kilian as it led him to learn from and work with some of the best eCommerce entrepreneurs in the industry.

So far, Kilian has helped over 50 individuals achieve Success in the e-commerce industry by helping them add $2000 to their monthly income. 

Apart from this, he has helped 35 students go from $0 to over $10000 in sales within 60 days!

Achieving these feats haven’t been easy. On his way to the top, Kilian faced a lot of struggles. He attributes his success to the knowledge he gained during that period. 

He explains that his trials, tribulations, and unique life experiences have caused him to change his outlook on life and live based on all the characteristics of God; love, happiness, prosperity, peace, kindness, compassion, help, growth, trust, strength, wisdom and knowledge.

Kilian has also adopted a lot of virtues on his journey, some of them he shares with us below;

1.Whatever action he does to others, whether good or bad, he does it to himself; therefore, he makes sure he treats everyone the best he can.

2. He maintains an optimistic outlook on life, no matter the situation at hand.

3. He treats everyone equally and with high regard.

4. He looks for the good in everyone, and once he does, he only focuses on that part.

These values and principles have helped him stay balanced, operate better mentally, and be at peace with himself.

On A Parting Note

Here are some words of advice from Kilian himself on how to attain success in any aspect of your life;

“Understand that success comes with change, change is not easy, but it’s necessary. If you’re willing to put in the work and stay strong while keeping your faith high, success will come your way.

Understand that when you start your journey that problems will come to test your strength, desire, and faith. 

Learn to be comfortable in the unknown and get more understanding and wisdom every day. To me, personal development and success go hand in hand.”

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