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Learn How Vernell And Veronica Beckum Are Transforming The Entrepreneurship Industry

Get To Know The Brand…

Not everyone gets the chance to disrupt the entrepreneurial sphere positively as much as the Beckums have. Created from the will to enforce change, Business with the Beckum’s is an umbrella venture built by Vernell and Veronica Beckum that envelops a number of other ventures.

These ventures adequately encompass the values of business, family, and finance. The goal of the brand is to create influential business content and become an expert strategist in the core values of the brand.

Overcoming The Firm’s Challenges

Challenges are something we all see too often, especially when it comes to running a business.

For the Beckums, discovering the audience for the brand and the potential influencing space was a challenge. Couple this with communication delays or dilemmas creating the right brand to create trust was exhausting. These obstacles were surpassed by creating core values of the business. Inside those core values prevailed the message the brand intended to reach and the message that would be engaged with. As such, the process of defining the brand and execution was fast-tracked.

These obstacles were surpassed by the creation of core values. Inside the core values existed the messages the brand intended to pass and the messages the brand wanted to be engaged with and as such the process of defining the brand and carrying out a comprehensive outreach was fast-tracked.

Solving World Problems

Basically, Business With Beckum’s sole aim is to help industry leaders/business owners come to a conclusion with their business goals and create a game plan for the future.

This is done by structuring ways that ensure goals are achieved. Thought-inspiring methods are incorporated so that they think and dream big.

They help business owners understand that the clearer a vision is, the better the outcome and that no matter what’s being faced, there’s always hope. If one wants “it” bad enough, then corresponding hard work will have to be implemented to obtain the required goal.

Drawing Inspiration

When asked where the source of inspiration to create and run such a diverse brand comes from, the Beckums hinted at the need to connect with colleagues, family, and friends to inspire them to take action – MASSIVE ACTION birthed the brand.

One’s past doesn’t define your entirety and your future. Business with the Beckums is the foundation of a triumphant brand, coupled with a nationwide preservation company in Total Presence Preservation, Veronica and Vernell are ready to help inspire others to take control of their destinies and push to achieve their full potential.

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