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Learn How The Founder Of KeraHealth, Fay Afghahi Is Transforming The Beauty And Wellness Industry

Fay Afghahi is the founder of KeraHealth, a firm that creates breathtaking beauty and wellness products for its customers.

Some time ago, Fay left her job as the Editor in Chief of a well-known fashion magazine, Elle, in a bid to sort out an existential mid-life crisis going on in her marriage. Both she and her husband quit their jobs and decided to start something together to keep hope alive.

Thus, KeraHealth was founded! KeraHealth was brought to life based on the belief of smart supplementation and treating beauty and wellness issues from the inside out. 

Get To Know The Founder, Fay Afghahi

Before creating KeraHealth, Fay was Editor in Chief of Elle Arabia ( a regional extension on Elle, based in Dubai) for ten years.

She worked across the beauty and fashion niche and was in charge of reviewing all products and activities. She shares that it was tough handling it all. Prior to her job as an Editor in one of the biggest magazines in the world, Fay was part of the skincare and fragrance team at Elizabeth Arden’s International Headquarters in Geneva. 

When asked how she was able to rise through the ranks and become Editor-in-Chief of Elle Arabia, Fay simply said hard work, Consistency, and Perseverance!  It might sound cliche, but these virtues are the backbone of Fay’s success.

The Brand Behind KeraHealth

KeraHealth’s sole objective is to create nutraceutical supplements destined for beauty and wellness. This might sound like any old beauty company, but when you take a closer look behind the scenes, it’s not.

When Fay founded KeraHealth, her aim was not only to address beauty issues but to educate individuals on living a healthy lifestyle and help her customers feel great, through high quality, clinically tested drug-free nutraceuticals.

In 2017, KeraHealth launched its first products, KeraHealth Hair Men and KeraHealth Hair women. Both are hair care products that are highly effective in reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth. 

KeraHealth also saw a massive expansion in the summer of 2019, with its launch in Europe and product launches on Net-A-Porter US & UK. They are also set to launch two new products in the hair category by January 2020.

Overcoming Obstacles 

KeraHealth has faced a considerable amount of obstacles since its inception in 2017. One of which was an expansion in foreign soil. When setting up a firm in any country, you are required to meet all the conditions necessary before starting your business; office approvals from governing bodies, registrations, etc.

Another problem encountered was branding on social media. Fay’s marketing director set targets for the brand, and meeting these targets meant Fay had to leave her comfort zone.

Achieving Success As A Wellness Brand

KeraHealth is a brand that uses the highest quality, clinically tested, drug-free, stearate free ingredients. Over the years, KeraHealth has relied on science and has worked hard to deliver the best results possible to its customers. 

And whatever happened to the good old ways of meeting each customers need personally? In today’s society, most brands neglect the number one reason behind success; customer service and satisfaction. 

When a client observes a fault or has a problem with any of KeraHealth’s products, Fay ensures she writes to them and answers all their questions concerning hair loss or wellness issues. Fay relates with her clients on a unique level because she experienced most of these issues before she started KereHealth.

Something For the Road

Are you looking to achieve success in the wellness and beauty sector, here are some words of advice written by Fay to help you on your journey;

“Be smart, be ethical; it’s not about making a quick buck; it’s about offering your community high quality, safe, and effective products. Listen to what the consumer needs and help educate them on your ingredients and effects. You will need to work hard, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

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