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Learn How George Thomas McCormick Is Disrupting The Digital Marketing Space In London

George Thomas McCormick is the founder of SOAR- A full-funnel Facebook and Instagram marketing agency whose goal is to create and run profitable Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for its clients.

Being a full-funnel marketing agency SOAR also takes care of landing pages, graphic design, email automation etc. to ensure campaigns run smoothly and function correctly.

In addition to this, George’s firm is expanding into Instagram growth and PR through their wealth of tools and experience. With this, the aim is to deliver solid results for clients in order to improve and increase their online presence, gain huge media exposure and help grow their audience rapidly on Instagram.

Drawing Inspiration

As at the early age of 13, George already had the desire to run his own successful business- he ran small online ventures like importing products from China and reselling on eBay and invested in bitcoin.

You could say that he has a special talent for spotting trends before they get popular.

He also spent the last decade honing his skills as much as he could with a main focus on digital marketing, building websites and growing brands. Within this period, he fell in love with marketing and automation.

After this development, he knew exactly what to do and SOAR was what he did. He founded SOAR and started developing a strong team around him to successfully run one of the fastest developing digital agencies in the UK at the moment.

Overcoming Challenges

At the early stages of his agency, George juggled a lot of work by himself, and this proved difficult. In the beginning, SOAR got more clients than it had projected and there came a second problem, effective time management. It was difficult to keep up with everything and ensure that all clients were kept within the loop.

Over time, George realized that this wasn’t sustainable, and various aspects of his business would suffer; was it results or was it the communication with clients that would suffer this storm? He simply didn’t have time for both. This spurred his decision to recruit a team member to help with the running of certain aspects of the agency.

He personally reviewed hundreds of CVs but ended up making quite the decision. He hired his girlfriend knowing fully well she was one person he could completely trust with the agency.

Making A Difference

From a place of experience in his early days of running tiny startups as a teenager, George explains that it’s extremely easy to create an advertising campaign that would yield absolutely no results.

He knows many thousands of business owners have gone through similar experiences and frustration has set in for them. Some even give up. With this existent problem, the aim for them at SOAR is to help those small businesses with delivering campaign results that they desire and dream about achieving.


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