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Kick Stress, Anxiety, and Depression to the Curb with the “Welcome To The GoodLife” Podcast.


Nic McLaughlin, the creator of the F.O.R.M formula and podcast host of Welcome To The Goodlife is disrupting the industry by introducing a new way to deal with difficult emotions. Nic McLaughlin is not a yogi, a doctor, or a therapist, (though he is a certified NLP practitioner). His expertise comes from his own emotional journey. 

He was able to earn two black belts while overcoming depression and social anxiety. His mission is to guide and empower individuals to explore, understand, and master their own emotions. His podcast Welcome To The Goodlife focuses on raw, authentic conversations with deep lessons. He invites LIVE callers to participate & get free advice from successful individuals and even a celebrity here and there. 


The FORM formula that he created stands for:

Focus on the present and get clear on what’s happening

Opportunities are everywhere and available to you as long as you learn to see them. 

Reach past your comfort zone

Master in terms of play over perfection.


Nic strongly believes if you follow this formula, you will be able to reframe your thoughts which will completely change the way you deal with anxiety, stress, and depression. “When you start to feel tense, focus on what you can fix right now. Don’t think about the future, take a deep breath, and stay in the present moment. Look for opportunities by asking yourself these questions: What are the benefits of this, how is this serving me, and what can I learn from this?” says Nic McLaughlin.


Next, push yourself out of your comfort zone by engaging in activities that challenge you to grow. Embracing failure and looking at everything as an opportunity to learn will help you with this. Anything that can make you emotional or stressed has power over you, so the key is to take the power away by reframing your thoughts about the situation. Lastly, you want to set the intention to take your actions very seriously with a slight reach past your comfort zone, while balancing a playful mentality. This combination allows inspired action and openly creative thinking to flourish. Start your day by really visualizing gratitude. By doing this, you will make a noticeable difference in your mental state and train your brain to know that you are in charge.


It is also very important to acknowledge your emotions. When you enter a state of denial, you subconsciously tell yourself your emotions are not important, and such emotions can resurface in an unhealthy manner. Being positive is very important, but not so important to the point of neglecting your difficult emotions. All emotions, even when considered negative, are important and all of them need to be acknowledged and given the importance they deserve. 


To learn more about how to live stress-free, connect with Nic on Social Media, and come join him on Welcome To The GoodLife Podcast!

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