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Kessel Tee: a New India Start-Up Story

“If you want to be a winner, just focus on winning”. Once

again this quote has been proved totally true. Some are dreamers

while others are doers. Today, we are talking about a startup which

has recently come in the limelight within a short period of time or we

can say in just 3 months. Kessel Tee, a place where you can have

more than 100 varieties of tea with tasty snacks. Even being the

citizen of tea loving nation of world, many of us still thinks that “chal

chai peete hai” means the “nukkad wali dukan”. This is just because

the chai hasn’t been presented in such a way that we can explore it

more and more.

Kessel tee, a perfect place for your perfect cup of tea. Well there is

standard brewing time for tea but not the standard recipe for a

perfect cup of tea, some of us do like adrak with massala while

others just want it to be simple. Perfect tea for any person depends

on their own taste only because the aroma, sweetness, strength and

flavors changes from people to people and from person to person.

Their motabhai chai, which is water based tea, is getting more and more customers because besides being a green

tea, this tea is a healthier one and the taste of lemon and honey in it makes it aromatic and unique. What could be

better than a green tea which is so good in taste and is good for your health also? Motabhai chai is a low sugar, low

calorie tea whose consumption on a daily basis may reduce the risk of cancer as well as many chronic diseases. Their

mainly targeted customers are youth and the people who actually want to have a tea which is made according to their


Coming to their milk based special tea, Humari wali chai is the most sold tea following motabhai as this tea is made

specially for the people who want cardamom and saffron in their tea. This tea is not the regular saffron tea. This is

something out of the box which a tea lover can never resist. Made with their secret SOP, this humari wali chai is

served in kulhad(pot made of mud clay) with some strands of saffron over it, which gives the tea a desi touch with a

better taste.

This Surat based startup is on its way to create a big name in the world of

tea rooms as it is the 1st biggest tea room in Gujrat. The services here are

provided by the core members themselves. They believe that the

tremendous effort that they are giving as a startup will make their other

salaried members feel more comfortable and there will be no

communication gap between them, eventually which will make the team

perform better and as a result this bonding will make everyone grow with

the company accordingly. With a great service, their personal relations with

the customers are really appreciable which makes them stand out of the cue.

We also had a short conversation with the core team of kessel tee and

according to them, their very newly started business is doing well in the

market and as per their projection, by the end of December 2021, kessel tee

will move towards the franchise model.

Rahul Singh (Founder):- “Success isn’t about how much chai we sell, but how many days we brighten for our

customers. We make our niche within the hustle and bustle everyday life so that the tempting whiff of our freshly

brewed chai inspires you to stop, sip and start again.”

Rahul Kharwar (Founder):- “In India, hundreds of tea businesses are opening every year but very few of them

become the prominent one. This is because, need of customers are not being brimmed by the sellers and the gap

between them increases. To bridge the gap and to present the tea in a different manner we stepped out of our

comfort zone. Indians must know the varieties and taste of different types of tea that are being produced in our own


Ashish Shaw (Co-founder):- “Chai is in our culture, and also a daily part of our life but still we are not getting the

varieties in it just because many of us are unaware of different types of tea. Kessel tee’s main vision is to take tea to a

new platform and make available all sorts of tea at a very reasonable rate to all the tea lovers out there who are

willing to have something different.”

Abhishek Singh (CEO):- “A new business startup in the midst of pandemic was none less than a nightmare to me but

not working on my goals was petrifying than that. All it takes is faith, and I do have that in my products and as well as

in my team members. Their diligence, self-motivation as well as dedication have been a great source of inspiration for

me and the endless hours that they have spent working on this project, and the professionalism that they have

shown is meritorious. It’s the team that works round the clock with the common goal to get such an impeccable


(Interior view of reception area)

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