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Karrishma Kar talks about the struggles face by young generation

Karrishma Kar is an Indian actress, Instagram Star, and model, Social Media Influencer. She was born on 12 September in Kolkatta, West Bengal, India. She started her career as a Social Media Star. She is very popular among the Instagram crowd because of her eye-catching profile, where she regularly puts many good pictures, reels, DIY videos and other lifestyle stuff. She had also made many appearances in TV shows and music videos.

Everyone has their share of struggles and Karrishma kar had them too. She struggled a lot in the young age and she very well knows nothing comes easy you have to oay for it and work hard. At a young age she was struggling to manage it all together, modelling, studies, family, friends. It was hard to keep balance. But as a result she is now mentally and emotionally so strong she can now handle anything by herself.

Karrishma loves to spend her time exercising daily, fasting, learning about anti-aging nutrition, reading biographies and self-improvement books, and meditating. She is also a fitness freak and loves to stay fit and healthy. And for her being healthy doesn’t mean maintaining a certain body figure but being healthy inside out. She shares many informational things about being positive and to be motivated for her followers. She comes forward every now and then and talks and spreads awareness about very important topics and struggles faced by the young generation.

Karrishma kar is just like any other girl we see. Karrishma kar loves hang about working-out,fasting, learning about anti-aging nutrition, reading biographies and self-improvement books, and meditating. She is a person who loves being aesthetic. For her it’s all about skin care ,makeup ,and taking care of herself.  She once stated ,”I am all about beauty and harmony in all aspects of my life.”

Karrishma kar  believes a woman should do what she loves. A woman also has a right to choose her career; it can be staying home or going out and working.

For her the beauty of a woman can not only be judged by the way she dresses but the ethics, hairs , her skin , communication abilities etc also play a very important part.

Ofcourse,  beauty comes from within but one has to cherish it and maintain it.

Karrishma Kar: People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.

Follow Karrishma Kar on official Instagram @karrishmakarofficial account.

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