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Karan Rajput: Raring to be a top icon in the vast fitness world, changing lives through his transformations for them.

Karan Rajput

The 21-year-old has shown resilience and indomitability by transforming his body and others’ without supplements and being completely vegan.

Ever wondered what is that one thing that has been helping all the youngsters around us to grow in their areas of interest and not just that, but also create a unique name from themselves in diverse fields? Well, it is evident how youngsters from different parts of the world have come to the forefront of their respective industries and have sculpted the career of their choice. The fitness world, over the years, has seen many youngsters emerge as self-proclaimed fitness experts with their own created workouts and diets, but hardly have proved to give desired results to people. However, a few of them are those who have gone beyond boundaries and proved the world what pure passion and determination can do in helping them achieve all their fitness goals. One such youngster, who is gradually rising high in the vast fitness world, is Karan Rajput.

Showing signs of great fitness potential from an early age:
Karan Rajput is the young man belonging from Bhopal, India. He is only a 21-year-old young adult who is already raising the bar for others in the vast fitness world. This boy who comes from a middle-class family from the city only knew one thing and that was to follow his passion blindly into the fitness world. Since childhood, Karan Rajput was highly influenced by fitness professionals, but also saw how they resorted to eating more of Non-Vegetarian food for their protein requirements. Karan Rajput thought to himself that if ever he gets into the same, he would change the dynamics of the fitness industry for the better and that’s what he did.

The rise of a vegan fitness expert:
Karan Rajput since an early age has been fond of animals. He has always maintained saying that he loves animals and cannot see any kind of harm to them. As soon as Karan Rajput decided to transform his body for the better and get into the fitness industry, the first thing he decided was to turn into a vegan fitness lover and enthusiast. Without using any kind of supplements or having Non-Vegetarian food, this Bhopal lad stands apart from others in the industry with his incredible transformation.

Inspiring others through his passion for fitness:
The youngster from Bhopal began his transformation journey in the year 2017, using only bricks at home for 8 months. As he couldn’t go to the gym, he decided to get trained at home. After that, for a year and a half, he used 3Kg dumbbells to transform his body. Asking about what really triggered him to get this transformation, Karan Rajput quoted, “After my ex commented on my physical appearance, I felt the need to work upon my physique and that’s what I did, the rest is history now.”

Turning into a fitness tycoon:
Today, Karan Rajput is one of the leading names amongst youngsters in the fitness world after his transformations came into limelight through his Instagram handle. More and more people started following him and his YouTube channel named ‘fitness tycoon’, where he shares his insights and knowledge about veganism, fitness, physical wellbeing and so much more.

Transforming people’s lives for the better through fitness:
Right now, Karan Rajput has turned into a fitness coach who is training people all over the world and is also teaching them how to stay fit by choosing veganism and by not killing innocent animals, helping them fall in love with mother nature.

Where more and more fitness experts have emerged, Karan Rajput acts as a medicine for people in the fitness industry who can’t afford much, but still, wish to be fit and healthier.

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