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Jeet Banerjee Shares How He Has Built Multi-Million Dollar Brands From His Bedroom

Jeet Banerjee is a leading e-commerce specialist and brand builder based out of California. Jeet has launched brands that have generated over $30 million in revenue in just two years, amassed hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and has delivered ads to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

When he’s not building his next big e-commerce brand, Jeet is mentoring thousands of students worldwide with their own online businesses.

Jeet has transitioned from building and selling software companies to disrupting the e-commerce space in his entrepreneurial journey. From my conversations with him, it became quickly evident that he is one of the leading marketers in the world right now.

Who is Jeet Banerjee?

“My start came from working a few jobs in high school which left me feeling unfulfilled and terrified of working for others for the rest of my life. I immediately knew I had to change that so I started my first company at 17 and haven’t looked back since. I went from troublemaker to entrepreneur pretty quickly as I grew my first company to 20+ employees in just two years.
Shortly after, I sold my next two companies (an agency and a tech company) before diving into e-commerce. Although I had spoken at events around the world such as TEDx and had achieved great success in my previous companies, I really felt like I hit a new level in the e-commerce space. The proudest part of my journey has been the thousands of mentees I’ve been able to impact and inspire by giving them the blueprint to build their own online businesses through my academy, The Income Incubator.”

When it comes to winning in e-commerce right now, it’s all about the right approach
“Dropshipping has become extremely popular in the past few years and thus many budding entrepreneurs have jumped into e-commerce. The problem is that most people look at the industry as a get rich quick scheme and get a reality check almost immediately. If you don’t respect the game, you’ll get lapped by those who do take it serious such as myself.

Although I dropship, I focus on building real brands that offer unique customer experiences.
I knew that in order to succeed in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape against companies such as Amazon, I had to think big. It was about building a real brand from day one, instead of treating my customers as a one-off transaction.
This approach allowed me to offer fast shipping times such as 2-3 day deliveries, branded products and around the clock customer support which helped build amazing rapport with my buyers. I worked tirelessly around the clock to make sure that we provided only the best buying experiences to our customers.

Putting our customers first and building a real brand I’d be proud of passing one day has put me in the drivers seat to building a true e-commerce empire.”

There is no greater opportunity than e-commerce right now Ever since COVID-19 hit, the growth in the e-commerce space has been accelerated by many years. What we are witnessing in the retail space is a seismic shift that is truly unheard of…
People always ask me if e-commerce is a bubble or if it’s too late to get in and I always reiterate to people that it’s just the beginning. If you’re getting into e-commerce right now, you’re still early.

Online retail will be growing just as it has been at an astronomical race for many years to come. You can either adapt with the times and capitalize on one of the biggest opportunities in the world right now or you can watch from the sidelines and regret it in the years to come.

Experts have predicted that e-commerce sales will surpass $3.9 trillion just in 2020.” Jeet has reached millions of people around the globe with his brands, but he says he has no plans of stopping until that number is in the billions.

Jeet and his team live, sleep and breathe e-commerce. He is also extremely excited about the prospects of helping people enter the e-commerce space through his passion project, The Income Incubator & The Ecom Legacy Brand. Unlike many other coaches, consultants or so-called gurus in a cloudy space, Jeet has the ultimate track record and blueprint for success.

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