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Jay Saraiya, Founder of JSDigital is winning the hearts of multiple celebrities as a Celebrity Manager, Media Promoter.

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Digital Marketing is a new phenomenon in this fast-growing world. We all are connected with the web and our presence has been there on the web. Bollywood celebrities want their presence more on the web and social media the most when compared to any other group of people of any industry. They are supposed to remain connected with their fans and followers along with boosting up the list in a big way. This is where competitive digital marketing and celebrity managers like Jay Saraiya on the web come into the picture.

Jay Saraiya is born in Gujarat and brought up in Mumbai. He has remained close to the glamour industry and with his effective digital marketing, he was able to win clients from different domains including Bollywood. Since he was good at his work, he along with his brother Sachin he founded his digital marketing and PR company called JSDgital. Their quality work and networking helped them win more and more clients from the Bollywood industry. Jay Saraiya was able to promote many movies and manage different celebrities’ social media on the web.


Some of the movies for which he has worked include Zindagi tumse , Mary, and has also promoted 30+ South i.e Tollywood movies. With his digital marketing firm, he was able to promote these top movies along with the top 50 movies so far and many more are awaited. He has an edge over a number of things under digital marketing including YouTube marketing, Facebook Media support and Advertising, Instagram Celebrity management, and so on. He has dealt with more than 1K of clients and soon he would be coming up with five new big projects to promote in Bollywood. With his exceptional work, his digital marketing firm JSDigital was also awarded.


Jay Sariya

Jay Saraiya, born on 8th November 1997 is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert. Jay Saraiya, a name that is synonymous with the modern internet era is a digital expert who has helped many businesses and entrepreneurs grow by building their presence on social media and Google. Jay Saraiya is known for his vast knowledge in SEO and is one of the big names in the Digital marketing and advertising industry. With great expertise in the web, he has got more than 350 clients in India as well as overseas. At a very early age, Jay realized his true potential and today he is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of India and the CEO of JSDigital.

Entrepreneur, media junkie and most importantly a creative enthusiast who is always hungry for more. Writing, editing and expressing in words is an art that comes naturally. Editor in chief : Okbronetwork.

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