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Jay Saraiya, The founder of JSDigital has managed to engrave his name in the Digital Media world.

Meet Jay and Sachin Saraiya, two young entrepreneurs from India, that’s making a difference when it comes to digital marketing. The two brothers run the #1 Digital Marketing company JSDigital, which was founded 3 years ago. JSDigital is known for their exceptionally great youtube marketing. Working with thousands of artists and movie companies every year. The Duo have managed to claim the Top 50 Indian Icon Award. They’ve won an award every year since their time within the digital marketing industry.

This young entrepreneurs seem too have a good bonding with various famous rappers & celebrities in India & Internationally. As JSDIGITAL is expanding itself at a large level, Jay & Sachin with his team is working way to hard for the development of his digital marketing company and adding on many more sector of event & celebrity management & operation services to it.

Jay Saraiya & Sachin Saraiya

The founder & the oldest of the two, has managed to engrave his name as the Digital Media & Marketing Partner for the film – Zindagi Tumse, which was released in 2019. Sources tells us he works closely with all independent artists when it comes to marketing their music on YouTube. When it comes to marketing your videos, JSDigital is leading the industry. Especially with their fast response and very polite customer service team, we see them in first place for years to come.

You can follow the oldest brother Jay Saraiya on instagram here, and follow the youngest brother Sachin Saraiya personal instagram here. If you’re in the market for Digital Marketing of any sorts, please reach out and connect with JSDigital. Moreover, not just talent & skills, these brothers like to perform social service at NGO’s in their free time, back in his hometown i.e Mumbai.

JSDigital main  has been Digital marketing and Celebrity Management they create brands out of individuals and local businesses within no time. Jay & Sachin Saraiya says its a tough time for growing companies like JSDigital & feels awesome too as the entire team JSDIGITAL is the best at managing the company & even the work from home as the safety of employee’s stand the first priority to JSDigital. The most important part of online branding & marketing is being able to target the right audience. Once you know your target audience you can then leverage your influence to become an authorized figure. Since they knows how to expand business through digital marketing and media influencing skills with their clients where JSDIGITAL is a name you need to be on the lookout for yout Social Media Growth.

“Let your hardwork speak for itself. Being successful in life doesn’t mean to be recognised by everyone. Even if you can bring an impact on a few people, you are successful”, said Saraiya Brothers!

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