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Jatin Chonkar – India’s Dynamic Self made Entrepreneur


Jatin Chonkar, the most sought after names in the digital industry who has established himself as one of the successful entrepreneurs in recent times. Jatin Chonkar is an inspiration to Young Generation

                              JATIN CHONKAR – Digital Expert

Jatin Chonkar is setting up a benchmark for excellence in digital Business with his entrepreneurial mindset. Who says that entrepreneurship is manageable, It’s core is made up of extreme persistence and hard work. Social media influencing is also one of the exceptional errands as it requires a lot to present in front of others on social media platforms. Jatin Chonkar being the Youngest Serial Entrepreneur & Digital Expert from Mumbai is an inspiring personality to other students and is a Risk Taker , Because ‘ Risk Hai Toh Ishq hai ‘ – scam 1992 Being a stunner amongst The Digital Experts, he has gained a lot of popularity. What makes him unique is his uncanny ability to stand out from the crowd.

‘ Jatin Chonkar Had successfully Established his company As The Indian Ladder & Now Coming Up With a New Venture As Ancient Media ‘ 

Ancient Media Is All About PR , Branding & Business Growth Where Jatin Chonkar’s Team Will Be Helping Business / Startup & Entrepreneurs To Grow !

Jatin say’s that he had never at any point imagined that he will increase such high accomplishment at such a short span of time yet at the same time, he said that Jatin generally seize of making a worldwide picture and a striking effect all in all world and some way or another he figured out how to do as such in such a short matter of time. He has been an astonishing motivation for everyone out there over the globe and to date he is out there helping many individuals in accomplishing their fantasies.

  • Everything in life has its own rules and some procedures Right? . It really doesn’t matter whether a person is running a small or a large business, or they have venture capital or whether they are making use of their own savings. The fact is that rules are rules and they still apply.Starting a business is the dream of every person but do you know what’s that thing new entrepreneur recognize after the beginning of business or Startup ? There’s no outline that guarantees business prosperity ! Every entrepreneur has to toil hard to improve their brand in this competitive market exists nowadaysHaving confidence, passion, great thoughts is only the beginning. Another stage is to carry out SWOT analysis in order to determine probable threats that may affect the business and come with an approach to overcome such obstacles! Use Your hate as Motivation & The More You Learn the More You Earn

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