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Jaswanth padi(Jaswanth Kumar padi) world Youngest Enthusiastic Entrepreneur and Businessman

Jaswanth padi " Youngest Entrepreneur
Jaswanth padi " World's youngest enthusiastic entrepreneur and businessman

Meet ” Jaswanth padi (Jaswanth Kumar padi ” Born on 01/03/2004, in India, Andhrapradesh.Regarded as the World’s Youngest enthusiastic Entrepreneur and businessman across the world. And also Jaswanth padi ” Is also popularly know for his Psychology, Neurology. Since his childhood hood Jaswanth is very passionate& interested in Technology, Innovation &Science. Jaswanth padi ‘ faced many rejections and Challenges while he was getting started in his entrepreneurship journey but due to his Hard work and Dedication Now He is one of the most successful Youngest Self-made Enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the world.

Jaswanth padi About the Main Goal of an Entrepreneur is to solve the people’s problems that they facing in their daily lives.


FULL NAME: Jaswanth Kumar padi

Born on: 01/03/2004

Place of Birth: India, Andhrapradesh, Cheekavolu

Father Name: Sreenivasulu padi

Mother Name: Manjula padi

Sister Name: Divija padi

Net worth: Earns in Millions

Height: 6.7

Weight: 48 KGS

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Nationality: Hindu.

  • Jaswanth padi about The failures of entrepreneurship and BusinessΝΝ
  • He says that in entrepreneurship and startups there are lots of troubles and problems that you have to face especially in this particular field you have to be aware of things and also be patient and confident.
  • Jaswanth padi about the importance of innovation & Startups and technology.
  • There is so much importance that We have to give to innovation and Technology because the reason is that innovation and technology make things much easier than the market that already exists.
  • Jaswanth padi about the AI/artificial intelligence, New Technology, an innovation that causes to loss of unskilled jobs in the world.
  • He says that people always have to be more skilled in terms of many things because in the future there is so much automation and People that they have to lose their jobs because of that.
  • Jaswanth padi about The Important Role of an Entrepreneur.
  • He says that the main important role of an entrepreneur is to solve the biggest problems that people are facing in their daily lives because when you give & Add value to the people eventually you will gonna be successful in  Your field.
  • Jaswanth padi ‘ about failures and challenges & rejections in entrepreneurship
  • He says that most of the startups 10/9 will eventually fail. So you have to be strong and dedicated to whatever you are doing and people undergo too many rejections and failures but you have to face those challenges so then only you can achieve those goals whatever you are up to.

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