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Jake Nicks Shares 3 Sales Tips That Every Entrepreneur Should Begin Following

Whether you like it or not, sales is the heart of essentially every business. If you don’t take the time to learn and master selling, or simply add the right person onto your team to take on that role, don’t expect to make too much progress in increasing your cashflow. Being able to consistently convert leads into sales is by far one of the most valuable skills in 2020. Luckily for you, I have a sales expert’s top three tips for converting prospects into customers, and you can immediately begin implementing them into your sales process.

Jake Nicks explained that he operates by a handful of highly important values and principles, and he believes they are what led to the immense growth in scales that his roofing company has experienced over the past few years. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, they all revolve around putting the customer first. 

Go Into Every Conversation With The Intention To Serve

Too many people approach conversations with their prospects in a way that doesn’t ultimately serve the client, and this is a big error that should very much be avoided. Jake says that in every business, the goal needs to be to provide the solution to the customer’s problem, and every conversation needs to be structured around providing that solution.

From asking plenty of questions to gain full clarity on their current situation, to speaking about the new reality that they will experience once the solution to there problem is provided, make sure that everything you are talking about is making it clear that your intention is to be of service to them. Most salespeople go straight for the money, and that often times turns away customers faster than anything else.

Sell Futures, Not Features

A new reality can be very exciting for someone, especially when they are straight up frustrated with where they are currently at. When you are speaking with a prospect, make sure that the majority of your conversation is based around the future vision that you have for them (the vision of once they’ve experienced your product / service). 

Way too many salespeople go into their conversations focused on the specifics of how something works, or the cool features that make it unique, but that’s the very thing that you should be avoiding.

Jake shared with me that when he would speak with home owners who’s roofs were getting pretty old, he would speak only about the new reality of no longer having to deal with their current roofing issues. This same approach can certainly be applied to whatever it is that you are selling, for there is always a better, easier, or faster reality that comes with whatever it is that you are selling.

Of course, you can always answer a specific question that your prospect has, for you always want to make sure they have removed any and all confusion from their minds. But just don’t intentionally talk about the details for too much of the conversation. 

Ask Questions, Collect Information, Then Tailor Your Pitch To Their Needs 

A very effective way to make sure that you are staying on the right track in all of your sales conversations is to make sure you are asking the right questions. “But exactly what questions should I be asking?” you may be wondering…

The answer: questions that help you gain a more accurate analysis of their current situation! 

Ask questions that are related to whatever it is that you are helping that person with, of course, but be sure to consistently use phrases such as “tell me more about…” or “can you elaborate on…” so that you fully understand where that person is at. Because once you’ve done that, you can then make sure everything you speak about moving forward is aligned with whatever information they’ve given you.

Simple, these may seem, yet most entrepreneurs and salespeople tend to forget about them. No matter where you are at in your business, selling will and always will be the most important area of your business. Neglect your sales, and you neglect the growth of your business.

Hopefully you begin following and living by these principles, for I agree with Jake that these three tips can absolutely transform anyone’s business once they’ve completely been adopted into their sales process.

Certified bodybuilding coach and physique specialist, Riccardo Roiati specializes in helping businessmen achieve the greatest health, power, and confidence so that they can dominate in both life and business. He believes that health, wealth, influence, and state of mind is what will determine the quality of life that a man lives, so Riccardo takes a holistic approach to help his clients level up massively.

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