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Jagdish Upadhyay: Product Marketing Strategies for SaaS Customer Acquisition and Revenue Growth

Jagdish Upadhyay is a product marketing and growth specialist who has developed his expertise for over 20 years. He has held many leadership positions at top companies where his analytic approach to product marketing has helped achieve rapid growth.


Product Marketing Strategies for SaaS Customer Acquisition and Revenue Growth

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model has been growing over the years. The market is projected to grow by more than $60 billion by 2023. Of course, this is good news if you are running a SaaS-based company. However, it also means that you are going to face some stiff competition in the market.

Thus, it becomes essential to differentiate your services from the competition and make your company stand out. In this article, we will have listed SaaS marketing strategies for customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Product Marketing Strategies for SaaS

1. Free Trials for Customer Acquisition

Offering free product trials is one of the most efficient SaaS marketing strategies. It helps in incentivizing the customers to sign-up for your product and start using it. Moreover, people will also realize the benefits of your products when they start using the free trial.

When your potential customer realizes the benefits, it becomes easier to convince them to continue the product use with a paid plan. Besides, even if they do not continue with your product after the free trial, you will have great leads for email marketing.

2. Display Good Product Reviews

An astonishing 93% of the customers read reviews before buying a product. It is because online reviews offer social proof to other potential customers. When customers say good things about your products it will make other potential customers consider buying your product.

Therefore, spread some positive word about your product by sharing positive product reviews on your website, social media pages, and online review sites. Of course, positive reviews increase consumer trust. But having positive reviews for your product will also make it appear higher in search results. Thus, helping you with customer acquisition and increased revenue growth.

3. Content Marketing

There is a reason why people say Content is the King. It is one of the best SaaS marketing strategies for generating leads. Creating high-quality blogs will drive more organic traffic to your website. Thus, helping you with customer acquisition.

However, to target the right audience and grow your organic traffic, it is essential to use the best SEO practices. Optimize your blogs with the right keywords and write on relevant topics to get more traction.

4. Offer Discounted Deals

Offering discounted deals to customers is the best way to get them sign-up for your SaaS-based product. Several SaaS organizations are using this marketing strategy. These companies provide discounted pricing on their long-term, annual plans.

However, it is essential to highlight the cost-saving options that customers can gain by choosing the annual plans. Moreover, when a customer selects the yearly plan, it results in more upfront revenue for your company.

Final Thoughts

Use these SaaS product marketing strategies to improve your customer acquisition percentage and enhanced revenue growth. With the growing market size, there is plenty of opportunities to grow your business in the SaaS industry.






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