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Meet Ivana Bonaccorsi: This Is How She Is Changing the Lives Of International Students Seeking to Study Abroad

Ivana Bonaccorsi is incredibly dedicated to helping students have life-changing experiences through their studies abroad. Ms. Bonaccorsi is well-aware of how impactful this experience can be, as she was a study-abroad student herself. Today, she holds in-depth knowledge about the study-abroad programs available at the University of California San Diego Extension International Programs and wants nothing more than to help international students reach their goals.

It is evident from Ivana Bonaccorsi’s accolades that she has had a significant impact on the lives of international students who are seeking to study abroad. In her first two years in her current position, she increased the number of students in Brazil who were attending the University of California San Diego Extension by 25%; By her third year, it had risen to 106%. It should go without saying that Ivana Bonaccorsi has had an incredibly positive influence on the academic careers and lives of many international students.

How Has Ivana Bonaccorsi Aided In Making The Process For International Students Easier?

Ivana Bonaccorsi, having been a study-abroad student herself, understands that even the most seemingly trivial questions from potential students are incredibly important. Due to this, she is always ready and willing to tend to their needs and concerns. Whether they reach out through call, text, or meet her at one of the many study-abroad events Ivana attends, she is there to help make sure their experience abroad is an enjoyable and life-changing one.

Ms. Bonaccorsi carefully listens to the needs of students to better understand what they desire out of their higher education and study abroad experience. While many students have an incredibly clear idea of their goals, unfortunately, they often do not choose the options which are most suited to them because they do not have all of the necessary information. Luckily, Ivana Bonaccorsi goes above-and-beyond to assure that every student finds the study-abroad program that is right for them. Furthermore, Ivana helps students to traverse the intricacies of studying and living in San Diego, the application process, payment, and other procedures.

Studying Abroad At the University of California San Diego:

At the University of California San Diego Extension the student body is incredibly diverse. Study-abroad students come to UC San Diego from all around the world to study language skills, attend university programs or professional certificate programs. The Extension department even offers youth summer programs for high school students. The UCSD Extension English Language Institute has conditional admission agreements with several wonderful universities in the United States. In fact, many international students choose the University of California San Diego’s English Language (ELI) program as a pathway to enter degree programs in various American universities.

UCSD Extension ELI offers language programs at all levels, from novice to advanced. Additionally, the university credit program, which is available to international students, is an excellent opportunity for those who would like to earn credits towards their undergraduate degrees in the United States, while also furthering their knowledge in a specific field. The University of California San Diego has a wide array of options for students who are studying abroad. Many are looking to further their knowledge in their areas of expertise, others looking to acquire new skills, while still more are wanting to take their careers to a new level, or set off on a new career path entirely. No matter what these ambitious students’ ultimate goals may be, Ivana Bonaccorsi is there to assist them every step of the way.

What Can One Expect From a Study-Abroad Program At the University of California San Diego?

The University of California San Diego offers students an excellent education, which will, in turn, provide the student a better future; whatever a “better future” means to them. UC San Diego Extension ELI employs incredibly experienced instructors and staff members who are genuinely dedicated to their education and overall well-being, and who want students who have an enjoyable experience.

Not only does UC San Diego Extension offers its students superior programs, but it allows them to meet people from all over the world, learn the latest and greatest in their fields, and listen to highly inspirational, expert guest speakers. Aside from the educational value which UCSD has to offer students, San Diego has some of the most beautiful beaches, scenery, and weather that can be found anywhere in the world. No matter what you study at the University of California, San Diego, or how long you attend, you are sure to have the best time of your life at this exceptional university.

Ivana Bonaccorsi: Positively Influencing the Lives and Futures of International Students 

Ivana Bonaccorsi, having been born and raised in Brazil and gone on to study abroad, truly understands the concerns international students face. In part, this is what makes her an ideal fit for her chosen profession. However, beyond her deep understanding of international students, she understands that a single person’s knowledge (or lack thereof) will have a serious impact, not only on their own life but the lives of countless others. 

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