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its_devilrony: Youngest Music Artist Of Haryana







Our country is full of talented people who have shown the world their versatility and creativity. Talking about art, we have had some great singers in the past who made musical experience a pleasant one for Indians. Even today’s youth has many such gems who are winning hearts with their skills and beautiful music. One such young artist who has made a mark for himself in the singing industry.


its_devilrony. is the youngest Artist from Gurgaon, India. His real name Rony and is just 17 years old. He has a great portfolio of work that encompasses his numerous years of experience in the Music Industry and is one of the most renowned names in the singing industry. People of all generations enjoy his music.

People started liking Rony more after his People ‘Trimood’ came which was a massive hit among the fans.

Its_devilrony assisted his parents to just hear his song once. After listening to the song, his parents thought that their kid was made for this stream only. They encouraged him to do better in this field, Telling about his struggle he added that he has gone through pretty bad phases. He did not have enough money that he could make songs regularly.


Nobody was there around him during his bad phase. He was lonely and became a depressed patient. But he had got self-belief and confidence in himself. This was the only aspect that was in his favor. And whatever he is today is due to his self-belief and confidence.its_devilrony says he will soon release a song on the big platform.

Basically, its_devilrony has released his first sound recording on All Giants Platforms in 2021
however, for a while while he officially released that track in a separate music stream
platforms like google play music, apple music, youtube music, spotify and many more.
That’s why youtube officially validates its channel as a music producer.

Currently its_devilrony is assisting various independent artists who need confirmation on youtube.
you have helped more than 48+ artists regularly and they are currently verifying you on youtube

In this regard, the young music artist its_devilrony said, “I started my music in 2021. Now the epidemic in the country has become a lasting problem in Covid, in which it is not possible to work outdoors. I have already verified as the official artist of the international music platforms YouTube, Spotify, and many others.

” The young musician added that, my original song will be published from my official YouTube channel “its_devilrony ”. He is also doing music cover as well.

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