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iTEKT is One of the Fastest-Growing Canadian Companies that Provides Nano-Protection Coatings for Windshields and Mobile Screens

Crystal surfaces, when left exposed to dirt and water stains, tend to lose the soft feel they are meant to have. The longevity of glassy surfaces is only guaranteed if the surfaces are protected using the right Nano-protection technology. Well, many Nanotechnology coating companies all over Canada offer such coating and protection services.

However, your protection needs to be met by the best of the best – using the latest Nano-protection tech on all your items; be it your cars, electronic devices, or windshields, and is the best solution to go with. iTEKT is a young, fast-growing Canadian company that is turning the tables in the way it offers Nano-protection coatings for automotive and telecommunication industries. This article is an in-depth dive into what iTEKT has in store for you as far as Nano-protection is concerned.

About iTEKT

iTEKT is a manufacturer that specializes in Nanotechnology coatings for automotive and telecommunication industries. As a significant part of their dealings, they create white-label products and other iTEKT-branded products which are distributed through their various outlets to reach the end-users. If you are looking for a customer-centric Nano-tech coating company, iTEKT is committed to customer satisfaction and offering quality services.

The Canadian-based organization hails as a company that understands the value and benefits of modern Nano-coating solutions. The many “WOW” reactions from their clients on the customer feedback web portal is proof of the efficient services offered by the company. At their Quebec headquarters, the iTEKT team works together and provides a listening ear in addressing their clients’ needs. The company also undertakes independent lab tests and experiments to have official reports on increased resistance. This appears like an expression of iTEKT’s commitment to finding solutions and adapting to the dynamic market needs as far as Nanotechnology is concerned.

Clientele Information

Every business starts by identifying a niche, after which they go on to pull in resources to fill the gaps. iTEKT is a need for Nano-protection and coatings in the Canadian market. After grabbing the opportunity, they have gone ahead and worked with different clients who, so far, seem to be in love with iTEKT’s product quality and services.

As young as it is, iTEKT has a relentless passion for offering the best Nano-care treatment, and this has paid off by drawing some of Canada’s high-profile clients to iTEKT’s customer desk. iTEKT’s windshields are now available in several car dealers in the country; Toyota, Land Rover, Ford, BMW, Honda, Subaru, Chrysler, Kia, Lamborghini, and GM, among others who make up part of the company’s clientele. It can also found in most garages and body parts shops in the country, such as Krown.

iTEKT mobile has made its way into the Videotron stores, Bell stores of Cellcom, as well as, in various mobile accessories shops across Canada. When you visit any mobile accessory shop across Canada and ask for an iTEKT mobile, be sure you get it. They are renowned for offering the best mobile Nano-coating solutions that will leave your device’s crystal surfaces shiny and protected in the long-term.

What to expect from iTEKT?

iTEKT is confident that its brand is soon going to hit the global market in a big way. As they continue to make more partnerships with more distributors in Canada, iTEKT expects to receive deals from end-users and businesses from across the world and be able to distribute to at least 25 countries.

The iTEKT company has, since inception, been working based on creativity and thinking outside the box to advance their Nano-story to the next level. As they have always done, iTEKT is set to give its customers the best from using natural elements and creating long-lasting products that will help clients’ mobile devices and windshield glass last longer. In a bid to increase the company’s sales, iTEKT is currently working on subcontracting more sales reps to help them in the company’s nationwide business-outreach strategy.

Close Up

Unlike the majority of traditional coating companies, iTEKT has stood the test of high demands from the market’s Nano-care needs and has beaten their competitors’ hands down with the quality services offered. iTEKT could be seen as a young company, but judging from customer feedback, it is set to soar to heights untold. If you are tired of getting below-average Nano-treatment for your automobile, reach out to any of iTEKT’s outlets all over Canada or visit them at their Quebec headquarters. Your Nano-protection need is iTEKT’s biggest concern.

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